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Essentials of Physical Anthropology

Discovering Our Origins

Second Edition

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Clark Spencer Larsen (Author, The Ohio State University)


The big picture of physical anthropology.

Essentials of Physical Anthropology, Second Edition, uses smart pedagogy and engaging visual tools to help students focus on the most important themes of physical anthropology.


Helps students understand the big picture

Each chapter starts with clearly stated Big Questions and ends with Answering the Big Questions. Before students have read the chapter, the Big Questions note what’s important. After students have read the chapter, Answering the Big Questions reminds them of what’s important. Throughout the chapter, Concept Checks summarize the most crucial content.  

An unparalleled art program

Essentials of Physical Anthropology teaches students to visualize core concepts, using more and better figures than any other physical anthropology textbook. Two-page art spreads, as stunning to look at as they are pedagogically helpful, focus students on each chapter's key concepts. 

Update PowerPoints Service

Because physical anthropology is constantly evolving through new discoveries, each semester instructors will be able to download updated premade lectures and instructor materials, made in consultation with Clark Larsen, covering new topics and discoveries in the field.  

Revised and up to date

The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, including changes such as:
• a new chapter on primate behavior
• new coverage of biocultural adaptation and the role of social learning
• new discussions on melanin and folate growth
• new material on the domestication of plants and animals
• new material on the likelihood that the pace of evolution is increasing with the growth of population

A superb media package

Our enhanced Big Picture PowerPoints help professors provide the best visual presentation and bring the key concepts of each chapter to life. The Physical Anthropology in Action DVD includes 86 educational film clips from across the discipline to illustrate concepts and spark classroom discussion. StudySpace, the free and open student website, provides exercises and activities to help students study and review, and Norton Coursepacks bring all of Norton’s high quality digital media into the Learning Management System of the instructor’s choice—at no cost to the instructor or students.  

    Chapter 1: What Is Physical Anthropology?
    Chapter 2: Evolution: Constructing a Fundamental Scientific Theory
    Chapter 3: Genetics: Reproducing Life and Producing Variation
    Chapter 4: Genes and Their Evolution: Population Genetics
    Chapter 5: Biology in the Present: Living People
    Chapter 6: Biology in the Present: The Other Living Primates
    Chapter 7: Primate Sociality, Social Behavior, and Culture
    Chapter 8: Fossils and Their Place in Time and Nature
    Chapter 9: Primate Origins and Evolution: The First 50 Million Years
    Chapter 10: Early Hominid Origins and Evolution: The Roots of Humanity
    Chapter 11: The Origins and Evolution of Early Homo
    Chapter 12: The Origins, Evolution, and Dispersal of Modern People
    Chapter 13: Our Last 10,000 Years: Agriculture, Population, and the Bioarchaeology of a Fundamental Transition