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  • August 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92222-6
  • 1276 pages
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Calculations in Chemistry

Preliminary Edition

Ebook, Online Version

Donald J. Dahm (Author, Rowan University), Eric A. Nelson (Author)


The Preliminary Edition of Calculations in Chemistry systematically teaches students how to solve calculations necessary to be successful in general chemistry. This workbook uses the latest cognitive research to teach general chemistry students how to overcome their most common barrier to success: math.

For many general chemistry students, mathematics can be the major barrier to success. Calculations in Chemistry provides a research-backed learning system that will greatly improve math skills and increase student success in general chemistry.

Calculations is based on scientific research on cognition, vocabulary acquisition, and reading comprehension. This research shows that novice problem solvers benefit from highly structured instruction when they are learning something new. For this reason, Calculations teaches a structured method that breaks problems into pieces that are solved methodically. User feedback and early results confirm that the authors’ approach works.

This workbook-style text was written as a self-paced tutorial to supplement a general chemistry textbook. The 39 chapters are available in three paperback volumes or as one ebook.