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  • July 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91286-9
  • 576 pages
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Calculations in Chemistry

An Introduction


Donald J. Dahm (Author, Rowan University), Eric A. Nelson (Author)


A research-backed learning system for preparatory chemistry that systematically reinforces both the fundamental concepts and math skills that are prerequisites for success in general chemistry.

Recent research has documented that in K–12 programs over the past decade, instruction in math computation has been de-emphasized. Calculations in Chemistry addresses these gaps in student background, applying the findings of recent scientific research on cognition, fluency in applied mathematics, and reading comprehension, to prepare students for the rigor and pace of general chemistry.


A sound learning system that focuses on overcoming students’ biggest challenge: math

Calculations in Chemistry combines the explicit, highly structured strategies for problem solving that National Institutes of Health studies recommend, with a learning format that engages students in “learning by doing.” Each chapter is broken down into lessons that review needed math, then apply reinforced skills and concepts to the problems and calculations of first-year chemistry.  

Paced so students can gain confidence and master the material

The first five chapters of the text cover material that is usually covered in one chapter of an introductory text. The authors take great care to help students learn and use these fundamental skills before moving on. Specific instructions are provided for each section to help students organize the data and then solve the problem. Students are provided with a manageable number of new facts and concepts, and then supplied with a variety of practice exercises that drive new knowledge into memory. Fully worked-out solutions are provided for all practice problems.  

Flexible to meet the needs of instructors and students

As a primary text in preparatory chemistry, Calculations in Chemistry is available as a low-cost paperback or as an ebook. To serve as a calculations supplement in preparatory or GOB courses, individual chapters can be purchased in the paperback format using the Chapter Select option. With readable lessons that shift math review to study time, Calculations provides instructors with more time during lecture for active learning of the concepts of chemistry. Students don’t need to work through the entire book or even an entire chapter—the authors provide explicit instructions to help students self diagnose and assess exactly what they need to do to be successful.  

Class-tested and successfully used by more than 15,000 students

Over a five-year period, versions of Calculations in Chemistry were made available for free online and in 2011 the site received 220,000 unique hits. Feedback from both instructors and students who used the worksheets helped to guide the authors’ expansion and revision of the material. This workbook is the result of that feedback, plus dozens of peer reviews. 


    1. Scientific Notation
    2. The Metric System
    3. Significant Figures
    4. Conversion Factors
    5. Word Problems
    6. Atoms, Ions, and Periodicity
    7. Writing Names and Formulas
    8. Grams and Moles
    9. Stoichiometry
    10. Solution Concentration
    11. Dimensions
    12. Molarity Applications
    13. Ionic Equations and Precipitates
    14. Acid–Base Neutralization
    15. Redox Reactions
    16. Ideal Gases
    17. Phases and Energy
    18. Bonding
    19. Introduction to Equilibrium
    20. Acid–Base Fundamentals
    21. Weak Acids
    22. Nuclear Chemistry