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  • Hardcover + Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder
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  • September 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91312-5
  • 500 pages
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Exploring the Science of the Mind

Fifth Edition (with ZAPS and Cognition Workbook)

Hardcover + Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

Daniel Reisberg (Author, Reed College)


One of the most successful cognitive psychology texts ever published: up-to-date, authoritative, and clearly written.

Cognition uses the best of current research to help students think like psychologists and understand how cognitive psychology is relevant to their lives. The Fifth Edition offers a streamlined presentation, introduces an attractive new full-color design and an expanded art program, and has been thoughtfully updated with the best of current research.


Innovative supplements help students think like cognitive psychologists

An exciting student ancillary package comes free with every new copy of the book, including:

ZAPS online labs
These innovative online labs give students a firm understanding of fundamental concepts by allowing them to experience cognitive psychological phenomena firsthand.

The Cognition Workbook
The Fifth Edition includes several new essays, demonstrations, and applications to enhance students’ experience. Each chapter offers students opportunities to actively engage with the material in the text.

StudySpace student website
This free and open site includes 375 study questions with feedback, chapter outlines, flashcards, and valuable supplementary essays by Daniel Reisberg with accompanying thought questions. These essays cover research methods in cognitive psychology, cognitive psychology in education, and cognitive psychology and the law as those topics relate to every chapter.

Relevant and applied for students

The text focuses on real-world questions throughout, including questions relevant to students’ lives (how can I help myself remember more of the material that I’m studying?) and relevant to society (how reliable is eyewitness testimony?). The accompanying Cognition Workbook contains essays, demonstrations, and applications that build a bridge between the course and students’ own concerns. 

Streamlined presentation and enhanced art program

In the Fifth Edition of Cognition, the presentation has been streamlined and reduced from 15 to 13 chapters, without sacrificing fundamental coverage. While the prose has been tightened, the art program has expanded. With 50% more illustrations than the previous edition, Cognition’s new full-color design brings the material to life.  

Updated and expanded discussions of neuroscience, memory errors, and intelligence

All updates in the Fifth Edition focus on the scientific method, covering key experiments in-depth, carefully reflecting on the data provided by the science, and considering the practical implications behind the findings.  

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Download Table of Conents for Cognition Workbook (free package item) (df )

    Part I: The Foundations of Cognitive Psychology
    Chapter 1: The Science of The Mind
    Chapter 2: The Neural Basis for Cognition

    Part II: Learning About the World Around Us
    Chapter 3: Recognizing Objects
    Chapter 4: Paying Attention

    Part III: Memory
    Chapter 5: The Acquisition of Memories and the Working-Memory System
    Chapter 6: Interconnections Between Acquisition and Retrieval
    Chapter 7: Remembering Complex Events

    Part IV: Knowledge
    Chapter 8: Concepts and Generic Knowledge
    Chapter 9: Language
    Chapter 10: Visual Knowledge

    Part V: Thinking
    Chapter 11: Judgment and Reasoning
    Chapter 12: Problem Solving and Intelligence
    Chapter 13: Conscious Thought, Unconscious Thought