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  • February 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91255-5
  • 456 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.
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Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

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Kristine Forney (Author, California State University, Long Beach), Andrew Dell'Antonio (Author, University of Texas, Austin), Joseph Machlis (Author, Late of Queens College, CUNY)


Flexible and integrated, with everything students need to become active listeners.

Thoroughly revised with new co-author Andrew Dell’Antonio, The Enjoyment of Music: Essential Listening Edition offers instructors the flexibility to teach their course thematically or historically, and helps students acquire a lifelong interest in music.

With Total Access, all the music and media resources students need are automatically included with every new copy of the text.


A flexible organization lets instructors teach in innovative new ways

Short chapters follow a consistent pattern: each begins with a compelling theme that underscores relevance, followed by concise coverage of the historical and cultural context of a work or composer, and an overview of the key characteristics of the music before the more detailed analysis in the Listening Guide. A modular format means instructors have the choice to teach historically or thematically, using big ideas that criss-cross musical styles and eras. Color-coded chapters make the thematic approach simple and straightforward, and helps students find the appropriate chapters. 

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Fosters active listening

Active learning pedagogy ensures that students engage with the music by asking them to participate. In-text Listening Guides, with color-coded “What to listen for” boxes, help students focus on the essential ideas in all 46 works discussed in the text. Interactive Listening Guides walk students through the key moments of each work, and provide a system for analysis. Online listening activities and “Materials of Music” interactive modules give students a hands-on, active listening experience. Access to all media is included with every new book. 

Helps in understanding history and context

“Here and There, Then and Now” boxes connect the musical past and the present, as well as different parts of the world, showing students the role music plays in everyday life and culture. “By the Way” sidebars offer concise responses to questions students might ask about a composer or work. Composer biography boxes highlight the essential details of each composer’s life, works, and musical style. 

Exercises help students apply musical understanding

“Your Turn to Explore” boxes pose critical thinking questions and suggest activities that will not only help students make connections between the music they study and music in their own lives, but also broaden their appreciation by encouraging them to discover new works. Listening quizzes with streaming music offer short excerpts of the music and focused review questions. Quizzes are work-specific as well as comparative, to help students draw distinctions between different musical styles and eras.  

Media is integrated and easy to use

Total Access: all the music and media resources students need are automatically included with every copy of the text:
• Streaming access to all 46 works
• Interactive Listening Guides (iLGs) for all 46 works
• Ebook
• iMusic examples of key concepts
• Metropolitan Opera video
• Listening Activities
• Instruments of the orchestra videos

All 46 works and their corresponding iLGs are also available on DVD.