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  • September 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91227-2
  • 475 pages
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How Humans Evolved

Sixth Edition


Robert Boyd (Author, Arizona State University), Joan B. Silk (Author, Arizona State University)


The science of human evolution, not just the sites.

How Humans Evolved remains the most up-to-date, forward-looking book in physical anthropology. Through a unique and balanced blend of evolutionary theory, population genetics, and behavioral ecology, the authors move beyond merely describing anthropological “finds” to showing students the big picture about how humans lived in the past and why they have evolved into the people they are today. The fully revised and updated Sixth Edition offers the best of current research, including important new coverage of Ardipithecus, the Neanderthal genome, early complex tool-making and symbolic behavior, and much more.


Integrates genetics, behavior, and current research to give students a complete picture of human evolution.

How Humans Evolved examines the connection between genetics and observable behavior in living humans and primates to shed light on the fossil record, showing students how humans lived in the past and have evolved into what they are today. The authors weave in the best of current research, including coverage of new discoveries concerning Ardipithecus, revised mapping of the Neanderthal genome, new genome-wide association studies to identify genes affecting phenotypic traits, locomotor patterns of Miocene apes and the evolution of bipedality, new data on Dmanisi fossils, and much more.

Art and pedagogy work together to help students learn central concepts.

The authors’ creative use of figures shows students exactly what they need to understand about challenging concepts. Highlighted key idea statements help students keep focused on central concepts. End-of-chapter study questions require students not only to synthesize central chapter themes but also to connect those ideas to what they’ve learned in other chapters of How Humans Evolved. And, the Sixth Edition has been completely redesigned to maximize these great features in a contemporary, attractive, and readable format.

A media package that extends the strengths of the text.

The How Humans Evolved media package helps professors show students how anthropologists see and what anthropologists do.
• A new Physical Anthropology in Action DVD contains 86 educational film clips from across the discipline. These one- to seven-minute clips help students see and think like anthropologists and make it easy for instructors to illustrate key concepts and spark classroom discussion. The DVD includes a booklet of short descriptions of each clip.
• An Instructor Resource Disc contains all of the art from the book for instructors to use in the classroom and new lecture PowerPoints featuring a suggested classroom lecture script in the notes field.
StudySpace, the free and open student website, contains a wealth of review, assessment, and interactive learning tools.

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