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  • Paperback
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  • October 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91232-6
  • 560 pages
  • Territory Rights: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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The Contexts Reader

Second Edition


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Douglas Hartmann (Editor, University of Minnesota), Christopher Uggen (Editor, University of Minnesota)

With American Sociological Association


A compilation of more than 60 of the best articles from the award-winning magazine.

The Contexts Reader enables instructors to assign readings that are as accessible as a popular paperback, but as brief as a journal article, in one affordable anthology. Three-quarters of the articles were published in the last four years and are therefore new to the Second Edition.


Brief, accessible articles

 Designed to attract readers who are not trained as sociologists, Contexts magazine features articles on topics ranging from religion and discrimination, to pop culture and foreign crises. Prominent sociologists contribute articles that synthesize their cutting-edge research into brief essays that are accessible to anyone. Free from jargon, the articles in The Contexts Reader challenge outdated ideas, provoke creative thinking, and stimulate lively debate.

New review questions

 To make the articles easier to teach, the editors wrote study questions to help professors integrate the magazine articles into their courses and use the questions as a basis for assignments. Three to four questions for each reading vary from basic reading comprehension questions to more involved, reflective assignments.

67 complete essays, with original photographs

 Essays are included exactly as the authors wrote them—short introductions to exciting research, written for a non-academic audience. In addition, The Contexts Reader maintains the magazine’s feel with photos from the original articles.

    Self and Community

    1. Social Networks: The Value of Variety by Bonnie Erickson
    2. Connecting Communities: On and Offline by Barry Wellman
    3. Sociologists as Outliers by Joel Best
    4. Six Lessons of Suicide Bombers by Robert J. Brym
    5. Communities That Don't Bowl in the Fog by Nicole MartinRogers, Ela Rausch, and Paul Mattessich


    6. The Joys of Parenthood, Reconsidered by Robin W. Simon
    7. Men are Missing from African Family Planning by Ashley E. Frost and F. Nii-amoo Dodoo
    8. The Changing Landscape of Love and Marriage by Kathleen E. Hull, Ann Meier, and Timothy Ortyl
    9. Unmarried with Children by Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas


    10. The Prescription of a New Generation by Meika Loe
    11. How Schools Really Matter by Douglas B. Downey and Benjamin G. Gibbs
    12. A Matter of Degrees by William Beaver
    13. The Black-White Test Score Gap by George Farkas

    Culture and Media

    14. Do Media Monsters Devour Diversity? by Joshua Gamson and Pearl Latteier
    15. The Sanctity of Sunday Football: Why Men Love Sports by Douglas Hartmann
    16. Controlling the Media in Iraq by Andrew M. Lindner
    17. Hip Hop Culture and America's Most Taboo Word by Geoff Harkness

    Poverty and Inequality

    18. The Moynihan Report, a Retrospective by Kate Ledger
    19. Amidst Garbage and Poison: An Essay on Polluted Peoples and Places by Javier Auyero and Debora Swistun
    20. Is Equality Feasible? by Lane Kenworthy
    21. The Scarcity Fallacy by Stephen J. Scanlan, J. Craig Jenkins, and Lindsey Peterson
    22. As American as Apple Pie: Poverty and Welfare by Mark R. Rank

    Work and the Economy

    23. The Rhetoric and Reality of "Opting Out" by Pamela Stone
    24. Is Job Discrimination Dead? by Cedric Herring
    25. A Sociology of Bubbles by Bruce G. Carruthers
    26. Tax Myths by Lane Kenworthy
    27. Global Corporations, Global Unions by Stephen Lerner

    Gender and Sexualities

    28. Prostitution: Facts and Fictions by Ronald Weitzer
    29. The Work-Home Crunch by Kathleen Gerson and Jerry A. Jacobs
    30. Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women? by Elizabeth A. Armstrong. Laura Hamilton, and Paula England
    31. Low-Calorie Feminism by Sharon Hays and Jess Butler


    32. Sociology Finds Discrimination in the Law by Ellen Berrey
    33. Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling by Donald Tomaskovic-Devey and Patricia Warren
    34. Mexican Americans and Immigrant Incorporation by Edward E. Telles
    35. Race as Class by Herbert J. Gans
    36. Are Asian Americans Becoming "White"? by Min Zhou


    37. Muslims in America by Jen'nan Ghazal Read
    38. Religion and Spirituality among Scientists by Elaine Howard Ecklund
    39. Religion and the Domestication of Men by W. Bradford Wilcox
    40. Abiding Faith by Mark Chaves

    Aging and the Lifecourse

    41. Growing Up Is Harder to Do by Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. et al.
    42. Facts and Fictions about an Aging America by MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society
    43. Policies and Politics for an Aging America by MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an Aging Society
    44. Ageism in the American Workplace by Vincent J. Roscigno
    45. Golden Years? Poverty among Older Americans by Deborah Carr

    Medicine and Health

    46. Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids by William Marsiglio
    47. Autism, through a Social Lens by Stephen Poulson
    48. Beyond Mendel's Ghost by Michaeal J. Shanahan, Shawn Bauldry, and Jason A Freeman
    49. The Health Divide by Lisa F. Berkman

    Crime and Punishment

    50. Crime Decline in Context by Richard Rosenfeld
    51. Coping with Innocence after Death Row by Saundra D. Westervelt and Kimberly J. Cook
    52. Rethinking Crime and Immigration by Robert J. Sampson
    53. No Real Release by Michael Massoglia and Jason Schnittker
    54. Beyond Crime and Punishment: Prisons and Inequality by Bruce Western and Becky Pettit


    55. Why you Voted by Andrew J. Perrin
    56. Uncle Sam Wants Them by Katherine McCoy
    57. The Social Significance of Barack Obama, moderated by Douglas Hartmann
    58. Turkey, Islam, and the EU by Jeffery C. Dixon
    59. Community Organizing and Social Change by Randy Stoecker

    Global to Local Connections

    60. Permanent Impermanence by Syed Ali
    61. Making World Cities by Michael Goldman and Wesley Longhofer
    62. Rights Activism in China by Ching Kwan Lee
    63. Salsa and Ketchup: Transnational Migrants Straddle Two Worlds by Peggy Levitt


    64. Sense and Nonsense about Surveys by Howard Schuman
    65. The Promise and Pitfalls of Going into the Field by Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler
    66. In their Own Words: Making the Most of Qualitative Interviews by Robert S. Weiss
    67. From Summer Camps to Glass Ceilings: The Power of Experiments by Michael J. Lovaglia

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