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  • January 2011
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  • 696 pages
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The Enjoyment of Music

An Introduction to Perceptive Listening

Eleventh Edition


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Kristine Forney (Author, California State University, Long Beach), Joseph Machlis (Author, Late of Queens College, CUNY)


Easy to read, easy to teach, The Enjoyment of Music has been the most trusted introduction to music for over five decades.

The Eleventh Edition reflects how today's students learn, listen to, and live with music. With an accessible, student-friendly treatment of the subject, it emphasizes context to show how music fits in the everyday lives of people throughout history, and connects culture, performance, and technology to the lives of students today. The new edition features a streamlined and memorable narrative, more cultural and historical context, and in-text features that encourage and develop critical thinking skills.


The best listening experience, in-text and online

■ Redesigned in-text Listening Guides help students identify key musical elements and hone their critical listening skills. New Q & A Listening Activities engage students in active, comparative listening.
■ New interactive Listening Guides deliver minute-by-minute guidance, key points, and essential concepts through an active learning approach that stimulates student engagement and participation.

The most flexible, affordable recordings on the market

■ The complete Enjoyment of Music, Shorter Edition repertoire is available in three flexible formats – streaming audio, DVD with mp3 files, and a 4-CD set – that are easily packaged with the text and priced at an exceptional value.
■ Featuring 30% new repertoire, the Eleventh edition offers richer coverage of 20th century music, engaging and accessible early music, and focused attention on the role of women in music from the Middle Ages to the present.

A narrative that resonates with today's students

■ In every chapter, master teacher Kristine Forney engages students with cultural and historical context that emphasizes the people behind the music.
■ New in-text features – including "Here & There, Then & Now" sidebars and "Meet the Performer" boxes – connect culture, performance, and technology to the lives of students today.

Stunning video brings the Metropolian Opera to your classroom

The new Norton Opera Sampler DVD brings excerpts of Metropolitan Opera performances to your classroom, complete with synchronized subtitles and commentary. Operas featured include Don Giovanni, Carmen, Die Walkure, Rigoletto, Madame Butterfly, Wozzeck, and Doctor Atomic.

Easy-to-use instructor resources for every type of classroom

■ All the tools instructors need to create dynamic classroom presentations, including interactive Listening Guides, high-quality videos, media-rich lecture PowerPoint slides, and a robust Music Example Bank.
■ Effective tools for assessment include a revised test bank by Roger Hickman, plus innovative Quiz+ software that provides student-specific feedback and study plans.
■ Free and fully customizable coursepacks in a variety of formats make launching online or hybrid courses quick and easy.

    PART I Materials of Music

    Prelude 1: Listening to Music Today

    • Melody: Musical Line
    • Rhythm and Meter: Musical Time
    • Harmony: Musical Space
    • The Organization of Musical Sounds
    • Musical Texture
    • Music Form
    • Musical Expression: Tempo and Dynamics
    • Voices and Musical Instrument Families
    • Western Musical Instruments
    • Musical Ensembles
    • Style and Function of Music in Society

    PART 2 Medieval and Renaissance Music

    Prelude 2: The Culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

    • Sacred Music of the Middle Ages
    • Secular Music of the Middle Ages
    • Renaissance Sacred Music
    • Renaissance Secular Music

    PART 3 The Baroque Era

    Prelude 3: The Baroque Spirit

    • Baroque Opera and Its Components
    • The Baroque Cantata and Oratorio
    • Baroque Instruments and the Suite
    • The Baroque Concerto
    • Other Baroque Instrumental Music

    PART 4 Eighteenth-Century Classicism

    Prelude 4: Classicism in the Arts

    • The Development of Classical Forms
    • Classical Chamber Music
    • The Classical Symphony
    • The Classical Concerto
    • The Sonata in the Classical Era
    • Classical Choral Music and Opera

    PART 5 The Nineteenth Century

    Prelude 5: The Spirit of Romaticism

    • Song in the Romantic Era
    • Romantic Piano Music
    • Music in Nineteenth-Century America
    • Romantic Program Music
    • Absolute Music in the Nineteenth Century
    • National Schools of Romantic Opera
    • Late Romantic and Post-Romantic Music

    PART 6 Impressionism and the Early Twentieth Century

    Prelude 6: Modernism in the Arts

    • Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
    • Early Modern Musical Style
    • Music of the Early Modernists
    • European National Schools
    • American Modernism in Music
    • Nationalism in the Americas

    PART 7 Music Beyond the Concert Hall

    Prelude 7: The Rise of American Popular Styles

    • Ragtime, Blues, and Jazz
    • Musical Theater
    • Music for Films
    • The Many Voices of Rock

    PART 8 World War II and Beyond

    Prelude 8: New Directions in the Arts

    • The New Virtuosity of the Modern Age
    • Contemporary Composers Look to World Music
    • Technology and Music
    • Some Current Trends