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  • August 2006
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  • 362 pages
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    Kafka's stories are nightmarish tales in which a helpless central character's every move is controlled by heartless, impersonal forces.

Kafka's Selected Stories

Norton Critical Editions


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Franz Kafka (Author), Stanley Corngold (Editor, Princeton University)


In 1945, W. H. Auden remarked that Kafka stands in the same relation to his century as Shakespeare does to his—Kafka is the representative of the twentieth century, the poet who gives it its voice.

This Norton Critical Edition is based on new translations by leading Kafka scholar and translator Stanley Corngold. Thirty stories are included, accompanied by detailed annotations. "Backgrounds and Contexts" offers a glimpse of Kafka’s creative process through extracts from his letters, diaries, and conversations. "Criticism" collects ten essays on the major stories by Stanley Corngold, Danielle Allen, Walter Hinderer, Walter Sokel, Nicola Gess, Vivian Liska, Benno Wagner, John A. Hargraves, and Gerhard Kurz. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.



    The Text of Kafka’s Selected Stories

    1. The Judgment – A Story
    2. The Stoker – A Fragment
    3. In the Penal Colony
    4. A Country Doctor – Little Stories
    5. The New Lawyer
    6. A Country Doctor
    7. Up in the Gallery
    8. A Page from an Old Document
    9. Before the Law
    10. Jackals and Arabs
    11. The Worry of the Father of the Family
    12. A Fratricide
    13. A Dream
    14. A Report to an Academy
    15. A Starving Artist. Four Stories
    16. First Distress
    17. A Starving-Artist
    18. Josefine, the Singer or the Mouse People
    19. Posthumously Published Stories
    20. The Bridge
    21. The Hunter Gracchus: Two Fragments
    22. Building the Great Wall of China
    23. The Knock at the Courtyard Gate
    24. A Cross
    25. An Everyday Event
    26. The Silence of the Sirens
    27. Prometheus
    28. Poseidon
    29. On the Question of the Laws
    30. Researches of a Dog
    31. A Comment
    32. On Parables
    33. The Burrow

    Backgrounds and Contexts

    1. Letters, Diaries, and Conversations


    1. Stanley Corngold – Preface
    2. In the Circle of “The Judgment”
    3. Danielle Allen – Sounding Silence [In the Penal Colony]
    4. Walter Hinderer – An Anecdote by Kafka: “A Fratricide”
    5. Walter Sokel – Identity and the Individual, or Past and Present: Franz Kafka’s “A Report to an Academy” in a Psychoanalytic and a Sociohistorical Context
    6. Nicola Gess – The Politics of Listening: The Power of Song in “Josefine, the Singer”
    7. Vivian Liska – Positions: on Franz Kafka’s “Poseidon”
    8. Benno Wagner – “No one indicates the direction”: The Question of Leadership in Kafka’s Later Stories
    9. John A. Hargraves – Kafka and Silence: An Alternate View of Music
    10. Gerhard Kurz – The Rustling of Stillness: Approaches to Kafka’s “The Burrow”

    Franz Kafka: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography