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  • August 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-92790-0
  • 1040 pages
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Feminist Literary Theory and Criticism

A Norton Reader


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Sandra M. Gilbert (Editor, University of California, Davis), Susan Gubar (Editor, Indiana University)


Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar’s newest collaboration, Feminist Literary Theory and Criticism: A Norton Reader, is the first collection to trace the historical evolution of feminist writing about literature in English from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century.

With selections by more than 100 writers and scholars, the Reader is an ideal companion for literature surveys where critical and theoretical texts are featured, as well as a rich, flexible core text for advanced courses in feminist theory and criticism. The Reader can be packaged with the Norton Anthology of Literature by Women, Third Edition, at a substantial discount.


45 women writers on writing

Part 1, “Women Writers: On Writing,” represents 6 centuries of historical documents about female literary creativity—from Christine de Pizan to Eavan Boland.

42 theory selections

Part 2, “Theory: On Gender and Culture,” focuses on the theoretical debates in the half century since Simone de Beauvoir articulated the idea of “alterity” in 1949. Texts by 42 scholars and theorists explore changing literary representations of women, the relationships between gender and genre, and the impact of cultural studies—postcolonial studies, race and ethnic studies, queer theory—on contemporary views of literature in English.

6 casebooks on major works and topics

Part 3, “Practice: Representative Readings and Analyses” includes clusters of contemporary critical interpretations of the following key literary works and topics: Medieval Women, Aphra Behn and Oroonoko, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Emily Dickinson, the Harlem Renassiance, and Sylvia Plath. The casebooks can be assigned to complement and enrich students’ reading of the selections in The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women.

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