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  • January 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-96647-3
  • 1200 pages
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War and Peace

Norton Critical Editions

Second Edition


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Leo Tolstoy (Author), George Gibian (Editor, Cornell University)


The text of this revised Norton Critical Edition of Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel is based on the Louise and Aylmer Maude translation. The editor has made revisions where appropriate; the annotations have also been revised and expanded. Three maps of Napoleon’s campaigns and battles in Russia are included, making the military aspects of the novel easier to follow.

"Backgrounds and Sources" includes the publication history of War and Peace, selections from Tolstoy’s letters and diaries as well as three drafts of his introduction to the novel that elucidate the its evolution, and an 1868 article by Tolstoy in which he reacts to his critics.

"Criticism" includes twenty essays, seven of them new, that provide diverse perspectives on the novel by Nikolai Strakhov, V. I. Lenin, Henry James, Isaiah Berlin, D. S. Mirsky, Kathryn Feuer, Lydia Ginzburg, Richard Gustafson, Gary Saul Morson, and Caryl Emerson, among others.

A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.



    The Text of War and Peace

    Backgrounds and Sources

    1. Map: The Campaign of 1812
    2. Map: Borodinu
    3. Map: Napoleon in Russia—1812
    4. The Publication History of War and Peace
    5. The Author on the Novel
    6. Extracts from Tolstoy’s Letters and Diaries (1865–1868)
      1. [Letter to A. A. Fet—January, 1865]
      2. [Diary-March 2, 1865]
      3. [Diary-March 19, 1865]
      4. [Diary-March 23, 1865]
      5. [Diary-March 28, 1865]
      6. [Letter to L. I. Volkonskaya—May 3, 1865]
      7. [Letter to P. D. Boborykin—July or August, 1865]
      8. [Letter to A. E. Bers—November, 1865]
      9. [Letters to M. S. Bashilov—April 4 and December 8,1866; February 28, 1867]
      10. [Letter to A. A. Fet—November 7, 1866]
      11. [Entry in Tolstoy’s Notebook—November 27, 1866]
      12. [Letter to P. I. Bartenev—August 16–18, 1867]
      13. [Letter to P. I. Bartenev—November 1, 1867]
      14. [Letter to P. I. Bartenev—December 6, 1867]
      15. [Letter to P. I. Bartenev—December 8, 1867]
      16. [Letter to M. P. Pogodin—March 21 or 23, 1868]
    7. Drafts for an Introduction to War and Peace
      1. [Draft 1]
      2. [Draft 2]
      3. [Draft 3]
    8. Some Words about War and Peace


    1. Dimitri Pisarev – The Old Gentry
    2. Nikolai Strakhov – [The Significance of the Last Part of War and Peace] – [The Russian Idea in War and Peace]
    3. Ivan Turgenev – Comments on War and Peace
    4. Constantine Leontiev – [The Greatness and Universality of War and Peace]
    5. V. I. Lenin – Leo Tolstoy as a Mirror of the Russian Revolution
    6. Henry James – [Loose Baggy Monsters] – [A Monster Harnessed]
    7. Victor Shklovsky – [Details in War and Peace]
    8. Boris Eikhenbaum – [The Genre of War and Peace in the Context of Russian Literary History] – [Tolstoy’s Essays as an Element of Structure]
    9. Isaiah Berlin – [Tolstoy’s Attitude Towards History in War and Peace] – [Tolstoy’s Worldview in War and Peace]
    10. Dmitry S. Mirsky – About Tolstoy – [On Tolstoy: Materialism, Spiritualism, and Russianness]
    11. Kathryn Feuer – The Book the Became War and Peace
    12. Richard F. Gustafson – States of Human Awareness
    13. Gary Saul Morson – [Narrative and Creative Potentials in War and Peace]
    14. Caryl Emerson – [Where Bakhtin Misses the Mark on Tolstoy]
    15. Lydia Ginzburg – Casual Conditionality
    16. A Note on Russian Literary Criticism

    Leo Tolstoy: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography