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  • November 1996
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-97013-5
  • 5.1 × 8.4 in / 432 pages
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Second Edition


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Frank Norris (Author), Donald Pizer (Editor, Tulane University)



    A Note on the Text

    The Text of McTeague


    The San Francisco Background

    1. Frank Norris, An Opening for Novelists: Great Opportunities for Fiction Writers in San Francisco
    2. From the San Francisco Examiner, Twenty-Nine Fatal Wounds
    3. From the San Francisco Examiner, He Was Born for the Rope
    4. Robert D. Lundy, [The Polk Street Background of McTeague]

    Zolaesque Naturalism

    1. Lars Ahnebrink, Naturalism in France

    Norris’ Definition of Naturalism

    1. Introduction
    2. Frank Norris, Zola as a Romantic Writer
    3. Frank Norris, Frank Norris’ Weekly Letter
    4. Frank Norris, A Plea for Romantic Fiction

    Composition and Revision: Harvard and San Francisco

    1. Frank Norris, [Harvard Themes from McTeague]
    2. Donald Pizer, [The Genesis of McTeague]


    Early Criticism

    1. Ernest Marchand, [1899 Review of McTeague]

    Modern Criticism

    1. Donald Pizer, Late Nineteenth-Century American Naturalism
    2. Don Graham, Art and Humanity in McTeague
    3. William E. Cain, Presence and Power in McTeague
    4. Barbara Hochman, Loss, Habit, Obsession: The Governing Dynamic of McTeague
    5. James L. Caron, Grotesque Naturalism: The Significance of the Comic in McTeague
    6. Illustrations, Four photographs from Herman G. Weinberg, The Complete Greed of Erich von Stroheim
    7. Mary Lawlor, Naturalism in the Cinema: Erich von Stroheim’s Reading of McTeague
    8. Donna M. Campbell, Frank Norris’ “Drama in a Broken Teacup”: The Old Grannis-Miss Baker Plot in McTeague

    Frank Norris: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography