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  • December 2000
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  • 320 pages
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The Waste Land

Norton Critical Editions


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T. S. Eliot (Author), Michael North (Editor, University of California, Los Angeles)


The text of Eliot’s 1922 masterpiece is accompanied by thorough explanatory annotations as well as by Eliot’s own knotty notes, some of which require annotation themselves.

For ease of reading, this Norton Critical Edition presents The Waste Land as it first appeared in the American edition (Boni & Liveright), with Eliot’s notes at the end. "Contexts" provides readers with invaluable materials on The Waste Land’s sources, composition, and publication history. "Criticism" traces the poem’s reception with twenty-five reviews and essays, from first reactions through the end of the twentieth century. Included are reviews published in the Times Literary Supplement, along with selections by Virginia Woolf, Gilbert Seldes, Edmund Wilson, Elinor Wylie, Conrad Aiken, Charles Powell, Gorham Munson, Malcolm Cowley, Ralph Ellison, John Crowe Ransom, I. A. Richards, F. R. Leavis, Cleanth Brooks, Delmore Schwartz, Denis Donoghue, Robert Langbaum, Marianne Thormählen, A. D. Moody, Ronald Bush, Maud Ellman, and Tim Armstrong. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are included.


    The Text of The Waste Land



    1. Sir James G. Frazer, The King of the Wood
    2. The Influence of the Sexes on Vegetation
    3. The Killing of the Divine King
    4. [Adonis and Christ]
    5. James L. Weston, [The Grail Legend]
    6. [The Grail Quest]
    7. [The Tarot Pack]
    8. [The Fisher King]
    9. [The Perilous Chapel]
    10. [Conclusion]
    11. Aldous Huxley, [Madame Sosostris]
    12. Charles Baudelaire, To The Reader
    13. The Seven Old Men
    14. John Webster, [Cornelia’s Dirge from The White Devil]
    15. Ovid, [The Blinding of Tiresias]
    16. [The Story of Tereus and Philomela]
    17. Gene Buck and Herman Ruby, That Shakespearian Rag
    18. Gotama Buddha, The Fire-Sermon
    19. Edmund Spenser, Prothalamion
    20. Oliver Goldsmith, [Olivia’s Song from The Vicar of Wakefield]
    21. James Anthony Foude, [Elizabeth and Leicester]
    22. St. Augustine, From Confessions
    23. King James Bible, [The Road to Emmaus]
    24. Sir Ernest Shackleton, [The Extra Man]
    25. Herman Hesse, [The Downfall of Europe]
    26. From Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, The Three Great Disciplines
    27. From Pervigilium Veneris
    28. Thomas Kyd, From The Spanish Tragedie


    1. Letters
      1. T. S. Eliot to Henry Eliot (13 December 1921)
      2. T. S. Eliot to Scofied Thayer (20 January 1922)
      3. Ezra Pound to T. S. Eliot (24 January 1922)
      4. T. S. Eliot to Ezra Pound (24 January 1922)
      5. Ezra Pound to T. S. Eliot (27 January 1922)
      6. T. S. Eliot to Ezra Pound (12 March 1922)
      7. T. S. Eliot to Scofield Thayer (16 March 1922)
      8. T. S. Eliot to John Quinn (25 June 1922)
      9. T. S. Eliot to John Quinn (19 July 1922)
      10. T. S. Eliot to James S. Watson (15 August 1922)
      11. T. S. Eliot to John Quinn (21 August 1922)
      12. T. S. Eliot to James Watson (21 August 1922)
      13. T. S. Eliot to Ezra Pound (30 August 1922)
      14. T. S. Eliot to John Quinn (21 September 1922)
    2. Lyndall Gordon, [The Composition of The Waste Land]
    3. Helen Gardner, The Waste Land: Paris 1922
    4. Lawrence Rainey, The Price of Modernism: Publishing The Waste Land


    1. [The Disillusionment of a Generation]
    2. [A Piece of Rhythmical Grumbling]
    3. [On The Waste Land Notes]
    4. [Allusions to Dante]


    1. From Tradition and Individual Talent
    2. From Hamlet
    3. From The Metaphysical Poets
    4. Ulysses, Order, and Myth
    5. The True Church and the Nineteen Churches
    6. [The Rite of Spring and The Golden Bough]



    1. Virginia Woolf, [Eliot Chants The Waste Land]
    2. Times Literary Supplement, [Mr. Eliot’s Poem]
    3. Gilbert Seldes, T. S. Eliot
    4. Edmund Wilson, The Poetry of Drouth
    5. Elinor Wylie, Mr. Eliot’s Slug-Horn
    6. Conrad Aiken, An Anatomy of Melancholy
    7. Time, Shantih, Shantih, Shantih
    8. Times Literary Supplement, [A Zig-Zag of Allusion]
    9. Charles Powell, So Much Waste Paper
    10. Gorham Munson, The Esotericism of T. S. Eliot
    11. Malcolm Cowley, [The Dilemma of The Waste Land]
    12. Ralph Ellison, [The Waste Land and Jazz]


    1. John Crowe Ransom, Waste Lands
    2. I.A. Richards, The Poetry of T. S. Eliot
    3. F. R. Leavis, [The Significance of the Modern Waste Land]
    4. Cleanth Brooks, The Waste Land: An Analysis
    5. Delmore Schwartz, T. S. Eliot as the International Hero


    1. Denis Donoghue, The Word within a Word
    2. Robert Langbaum, The Walking Dead
    3. Marianne Thorm”hlen, [The City in The Waste Land]
    4. A. D. Moody, A Cure for a Crisis of Civilization?
    5. Ronald Bush, Unknown Terror and Mystery
    6. Maud Ellman, A Sphinx without a Secret
    7. Tim Armstrong, Eliot’s Waste Paper