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  • November 2004
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  • 608 pages
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    Elizabeth Gaskell, one of the nineteenth century’s most significant novelists, was widely held to be the social conscience of Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution.

North and South

Norton Critical Editions


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Elizabeth Gaskell (Author), Alan Shelston (Editor, University of Manchester)


A revolutionary social and political commentary, North and South solidified Gaskell’s place in the company of Victorian England’s finest novelists.

This Norton Critical Edition of her best-selling novel is annotated and edited by preeminent Gaskell scholar Alan Shelston. "Contexts" includes contemporary reviews and correspondence related to North and South, along with the full text of Gaskell’s 1850 short story "Lizzie Leigh," which, like North and South, is set in industrial Manchester and deals with strong working women. This topic is further addressed in Bessie Rayner Parkes’s essay on Victorian working women. "Criticism" collects eleven assessments of the novel, among them Louis Cazamian’s 1904 study of industrial fiction and Hilary Schor’s recent study of North and South in the context of discourse analysis. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.


    The Text of North and South

    Contexts, 1850–1900


    1. Elizabeth Gaskell, From Letters
    2. Charles Dickens, From Letters
    3. Other Contemporary Correspondence


    1. Spectator, From New Novels (31 March 1855)
    2. Henry Fothergill Chorley, Athenaeum (7 April 1855)
    3. Manchester Weekly Advertiser, From Unsigned Review (14 April 1855)
    4. Margaret Oliphant, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (May 1855)
    5. Emile Montégut, Revue des Deux Mondes (1 October 1855)
    6. Graham’s Magazine, From Review of New Books (June 1855)
    7. Elizabeth Gaskell, “Lizzie Leigh”
    8. Friedrich Engels, [Manchester at Mid-Century]
    9. [The Preston Strike]
    10. William Rathbone Greg, The Claims of Labour
    11. W. E. Forster, Strikes and Lock-Outs
    12. Bessie Rayner Parkes, The Condition of Working Women in England and France
    13. Henry Bristow Wilson, [The Clergyman and His Conscience]


    1. Louis Cazamian, Mrs. Gaskell and Christian Interventionism: North and South
    2. A.W. Ward, [North and South in Context]
    3. Elizabeth Haldane, [Elizabeth Gaskell and Florence Nightingale]
    4. Raymond Williams, [North and South and the Structure of Feeling]
    5. Aina Rubenius, Factory Work for Women
    6. Dorothy Collins, The Composition of Mrs. Gaskell’s North and South
    7. W.A. Craik, [The Topography of North and South]
    8. Rosemaire Bodenheimer, North and South: A Permanent State of Change
    9. Jo Pryke, The Treatment of Political Economy in North and South
    10. Hilary Schor, [The Languages of “Industrialization”]
    11. Terence Wright, Women, Death, and Integrity: North and South

    Elizabeth Gaskell: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography