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  • April 2011
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  • 848 pages
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The Brothers Karamazov

Norton Critical Editions

Second Edition


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Fyodor Dostoevsky (Author, New Directions), Susan McReynolds (Editor, Translator, Northwestern University)


The Second Edition of the Norton Critical Edition of The Brothers Karamazov is based on a significantly revised translation by Susan McReynolds.

The text is accompanied by a detailed introduction, a pronunciation and explanation key for the novel’s main characters, and greatly revised and expanded explanatory annotations.

“Contexts” presents a wealth of background and source materials relating to The Brothers Karamazov, to Dostoevsky’s own experiences, to current events, and to observations on a changing society. Included are the correspondence of influential literary and social critic Vissarion Grigorievich Belinksy and the author’s letters spanning three decades as well as a selection from Dostoevsky’s Diary of a Writer in which readers may trace the origins of this novel.

“Criticism” offers a wide range of scholarly commentary on The Brothers Karamazov from American, Russian, and European authors, eleven of them new to the Second Edition and two of them appearing in English for the first time. Contributors include Ralph Matlaw, Valentina Vetlovskaia, Seamas O’Driscoll, William Mills Todd, Vladimir Kantor, Edward Wasiolek, Nathan Rosen, Roger B. Anderson, Robin Feuer Miller, Horst-Jürgen Gerigk, Vladimir Golstein, Robert L. Belknap, Ulrich Schmid, and Gary Saul Morson.

A Chronology of Dostoevsky’s life and work and a Selected Bibliography are also included.




    Names in The Brothers Karamazov

    The Karamazov Family Tree

    The Text of The Brothers Karamazov


    1. Vissarion Belinsky • Letter to V. P. Botkin
    2. Excerpt from Dostoevsky’s Diary of a Writer: The Kroneberg Case
    3. Selections from Dostoevsky’s Letters


    1. Ralph Matlaw • On Translating The Brothers Karamazov
    2. Valentina Vetlovskaya • Alyosha Karamazov and the Hagiographic Hero
    3. Seamas O’Driscoll • The Ideascape of The Brothers Karamazov
    4. William Mills Todd • The Brothers Karamazov and the Poetics of Serial Publication
    5. Vladimir Kantor • Pavel Smerdyakov and Ivan Karamazov: The Problem of Temptation
    6. Edward Wasiolek • Dmitry and Katerina
    7. Nathan Rosen • Style and Structure in The Brothers Karamazov: The Grand Inquisitor and the Russian Monk
    8. Roger B. Anderson • Mythical Implications of Father Zosima’s Religious Teachings
    9. Robin Feuer Miller • From The Deep Heart’s Core
    10. Horst-Jürgen Gerigk • Dmitry Karamazov’s “Crime and Punishment”
    11. Vladimir Golstein • Accidental Families and Surrogate Fathers: Richard, Grigory, and Smerdyakov
    12. Robert L. Belknap • From The Rhetoric of an Ideological Novel
    13. Ulrich Schmid • Split Consciousness and Characterization in The Brothers Karamazov
    14. Gary Saul Morson • The God of Onions: The Brothers Karamazov and the Mythic Prosaic

    Fyodor Dostoevksy: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography