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  • November 2017
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  • 1072 pages
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The Human Experience

Hardcover + Digital Product License Key Folder

with InQuizitive, Smartwork5, and Ebook access

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John W. Foster (Author, University of South Alabama), Zarrintaj Aliabadi (Author, University of South Alabama), Joan L. Slonczewski (Author, Kenyon College)

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Interactive Instructor's Guide


Searchable by chapter, phrase, topic, or learning objective, the Interactive Instructor’s Guide compiles the many valuable teaching resources available with Microbiology: The Human Experience. In this database can be found activities with downloadable handouts, streaming video with discussion questions, animations with discussion questions, supplemental case-history PowerPoints, and more. This repository of lecture and teaching materials functions both as a course-prep tool and as a means of tracking the latest ideas in teaching the allied health microbiology course.

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Microbiology: The Human Experience - IIG Access demo Website

Digital Landing Page


Norton Ebooks give students and instructors an enhanced reading experience at a fraction of the cost of a print textbook. Students are able to have an active reading experience and can take notes, bookmark, search, highlight, and even read offline. As an instructor, you can even add your own notes for students to see as they read the text. Norton Ebooks can be viewed on—and synced among—all computers and mobile devices.


InQuizitive is Norton’s award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool that personalizes the learning experience for students and helps them master—and retain—key learning objectives. Through a variety of question types, answer-specific feedback, and gamelike elements such as the ability to wager points, students are motivated to keep working until they’ve mastered the concepts. Students then come to class better prepared, giving you more time for meaningful discussions and activities. InQuizitive can also improve students' test grades when assigned consistently for points, as a part of the overall course grade. The convenience of LMS integration saves you time by allowing InQuizitive scores to report right to your LMS gradebook.

The first edition course includes additional image-based questions to promote visual understanding of microbiology concepts. All questions are tagged to the ASM curriculum guidelines as well as the section objectives in the book.


Smartwork5 is an easy-to-use online assessment tool that helps students become better problem solvers through a variety of interactive question types and extensive answer-specific feedback. Get started quickly with our premade assignments or take advantage of Smartwork5’s flexibility by customizing questions and adding your own content. Integration with your campus LMS saves you time by allowing Smartwork5 grades to report right to your LMS gradebook, while individual and class-wide performance reports help you see students’ progress.

The first edition course includes NEW image-based questions, critical-thinking questions, and interactive questions. All questions are tagged to the section objectives in the book.


Jennifer Smith (Author, Tarrant County College)

Easily add high quality Norton digital media to your online, hybrid, or lecture course—all at no cost. Norton Coursepacks work within your existing learning management system; there’s no new system to learn, and access is free and easy. Content is customizable and includes:

  • Reading quizzes focused on the section learning objectives from the text
  • Animation-based questions
  • Image-based questions
  • Supplemental case histories available as assignable activities
  • Chapter terms formatted as easy-to-use flashcards
  • Section learning objectives posted for easy reference

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Test Bank

Norton uses an innovative, evidence-based model to deliver high quality and pedagogically effective quizzes and testing materials. The framework to develop our test banks, quizzes, and support materials is the result of a collaboration with leading academic researchers and advisers. Questions are classified by section and difficulty, making it easy to construct tests and quizzes that are meaningful and diagnostic.

This revision has been shaped by the detailed feedback of professors around the country who have already used the test bank in their classes, resulting in well-vetted questions that instructors can trust and that cover all of the important concepts in the text. Each chapter features questions on case histories and key figures pulled directly from the book. These multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions are tagged to learning objectives, text section, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and difficulty level.

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Ultimate Guide

The first edition Ultimate Guide has been thoroughly reviewed by current users of the materials, guiding this targeted revision. The new edition features several updated activities and multimedia descriptions as well as all-NEW animation descriptions with discussion questions. The Ultimate Guide is available in print format (3HP) and the resources are incorporated into the searchable IIG.

PowerPoint Lecture Outlines

An experienced instructor has created extensive PowerPoint lecture outlines for every chapter that combine figures, animations, and text explanations based directly on the textbook. Once downloaded, the slides are easily editable and customizable.

Lecture PowerPoints: Chapters 1-6Lecture PowerPoints (Demo)
(ZIP, 9.46 MB)

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Lecture PowerPoints: Chapters 7-13 Access Resource
Lecture PowerPoints: Chapters 14-17 Access Resource
Lecture PowerPoints: Chapters 18-24 Access Resource
Lecture PowerPoints: Chapters 25-27 Access Resource

Art Files

Every figure and photograph in the book is available for download in PowerPoint and JPG format from /instructors.

Art Slides, PowerPoint, Chapters 1-10Sample, Chapter 6
(PPTX, 31.49 MB)

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Art Slides, PowerPoint, Chapters 11-20 Access Resource
Art Slides, PowerPoint, Chapters 21-27 Access Resource
Art JPEGs, Chapters 1-10Sample, Chapter 6
(ZIP, 25.84 MB)

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Art JPEGs, Chapters 11-20 Access Resource
Art JPEGs, Chapters 21-27 Access Resource

Supplemental PowerPoints

Case History PowerPointsSample, Chapter 6
(PPTX, 2.92 MB)

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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Microbiology: The Human Experience

Julie Harless (Author,  Lone Star College), Tiffany Randall (Author,  John Tyler Community College), Debra Scheiwe (Author,  Tarrant County College), Heather Seitz (Author,  Johnson County Community College), Jennifer Smith (Author,  Tarrant County College)

An all-in-one resource for instructors who want to integrate active learning into their course. For every chapter of the book, instructors will find two multimedia suggestions (videos or podcasts) with suggested classroom uses and discussion questions, two active-learning activities with pre-made, student-facing handouts, as well as a step-by-step guide to using the supplemental case-history PowerPoints supplied for that chapter. Activity handouts will be featured online as PDFs for easy printing and distribution. Each supplied asset is tied closely to text learning objectives. more

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Microbiology: The Human Experience, Loose leaf Request an Exam Copy