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  • December 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-91846-5
  • 984 pages
  • Volume(s): One-Volume
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Worlds Together, Worlds Apart

A History of the World: From the Beginnings of Humankind to the Present

Concise Edition

Paperback + Digital Product License Key Folder

Volume(s): One-Volume

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Elizabeth Pollard (Author, San Diego State University), Clifford Rosenberg (Author, City College and the Graduate Center, CUNY), Robert Tignor (Author, Princeton University), Alan Karras (With, University of California - Berkeley)

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The free coursepack offers a variety of chapter-based opportunities for self-assessment and review. It includes links to the ebook and InQuizitive, over 100 additional primary source documents and images, Office Hours Videos, Chapter Quizzes with page references to Core Objectives, chapter outlines, and new “Interpreting the Visual Evidence” and “Thinking about Global Connections” questions from the text in a gradable format. Guided Reading Exercises keyed to each chapter’s Core Objectives give students a framework for reading. World History Tours now operate from within the browser and iMaps for each chapter allow students to view layers of information on each map from the text with accompanying, printable Map Worksheets. Flashcards for each chapter align key terms and events with brief descriptions and definitions, and can be flipped, printed, or downloaded. Chrono-Quizzes for each chapter challenge students to order dates in a matching quiz. Primary Source Activities offer two primary and/or secondary sources for analysis, including documents, political cartoons, maps, audio, video, or photographic materials, with multiple-choice questions and an analysis worksheet. Model answers and a grading rubric are provided for the open-answer portions of this activity.

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The Instructor’s Manual offers helpful and creative resources for lecture planning and classroom activities.

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Test Bank

The Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, Concise Edition Test Bank is based on an evidence-centered design that was collaboratively developed by some of the brightest minds in educational testing, including leading academic researchers and advisers with the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The Test bank features multiple-choice, true/false, and essay questions aligned with the chapter’s Core Objectives and classified according to level of difficulty and Bloom’s Taxonomy, offering multiple avenues for content and skill assessment.

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