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  1. Book ImageSnapshots of a Daughter-in-Law: Poems, 1954-1962

    Adrienne Rich

    "The risk this book quietly takes, and impressively fulfills, is no less than to get life said.... Newly freed from the metrical conventions of her earlier books, Adrienne Rich has lost none of her perfect pitch for the tones of language itself." —Philip Booth, The Christian Science MonitorMore

  2. Book ImageThe Odyssey: A New Verse Translation

    Homer, Albert Cook

    A retelling of Homer's epic that describes the adventures of the hero Odysseus as he encounters many monsters and other obstacles on his journey home from the Trojan War.More

  3. Book ImageThe Ring and the Book

    Robert Browning, Wylie Sypher

    "With this book, M. H. Abrams has given us a remarkable study, admirably conceived and executed, a book of quite exceptional and no doubt lasting significance for a number of fields--for the history of ideas and comparative literature as well as for English literary...More

  4. Book ImageBeowulf: A New Prose Translation

    E. Talbot Donaldson

    This book is a highly accurate, new prose translation of the classic Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf.More

  5. Book ImageNorthfield Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Mr. Ammons' poetry has appeared in such publications as the Hudson Review, The Nation (for which he was at one time poetry editor), the New York Times, Poetry, and the Partisan Review.More

  6. Book ImageLove Makes the Air Light

    Raymond Roseliep

    Raymond Roseliep, who is both poet and Catholic priest, has that exquisite care for language that marks the true poetic gift.More

  7. Book ImageHomer and the Heroic Tradition

    Cedric Hubbell Whitman

    “A work of extraordinary distinction, one which is surely destined to be a permanent landmark in the long history of Homeric studies.” —Whitney J. Oates, American ScholarMore

  8. Book ImageCorsons Inlet: A Book of Poems

    A. R. Ammons

    Corson's Inlet is A. R. Ammons's third book of poems.More

  9. Book ImageThe Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke

    Rainer Maria Rilke, M. D. Herter Norton

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  10. Book ImageDiscovering Poetry

    Elizabeth A. Drew

    An introduction to the nature of poetry and the poetic experience.More

  11. Book ImagePoetry: A Modern Guide to Its Understanding and Enjoyment

    Elizabeth A. Drew

    The aim of this Book is to make the reading of poetry an exploration which constantly reveals new insights to the reader about himself as well as about the poets and their work. Because Elizabeth Drew believes that poetry is written to be read and enjoyed, she quotes many poems, old and new, familiar and unfamiliar. Her first chapters speak of the poetic process: language, symbolism, and rhythms. The rest of the book is devoted to a collection and discussion of poems on the great human themes love, religion, humanity that recur in every age and are given their most intense and memorable expression in poetry.More

  12. Book ImageThe Iliad of Homer: The Wrath of Achilles

    I. A. Richards

    According to legend, in ancient times Agamemnon led the Greeks into war with the city of Troy to recapture the beautiful Helen of Troy, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta.More

  13. Book ImagePoems to Read Aloud

    Edward Hodnett

    An invitation to the increasingly popular rewarding pastime of reading aloud . . . a rich anthology of great poems for all occasions, moods, and tastes.More

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