Theory & Criticism

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  1. Book ImageBlood, Bread, and Poetry: Selected Prose 1979-1985

    Adrienne Rich

    That Adrienne Rich is a not only a major American poet but an incisive, compelling prose writer is made clear once again by this collection, in which she continues to explore the social and political context of her life and art.More

  2. Book ImageDeath in Venice

    Thomas Mann, Clayton Koelb

    Thomas Mann is widely acknowledged as the greatest German novelist of this century. His 1912 novella Death in Venice is the most frequently read example of Mann's early work.More

  3. Book ImageThe Ambassadors

    Henry James, S P. Rosenbaum

    Second Edition

    This revised and expanded Norton Critical Edition of The Ambassadors again includes the author's preface as well as the most significant variants of the three earlier editions of the novel published in James's lifetime.More

  4. Book ImageRobinson Crusoe

    Daniel Defoe, Michael Shinagel

    Second Edition

    The Second Edition of the Norton Critical Edition of Robinson Crusoe is based on the Shakespeare Head Press reprint of the first edition copy in the British Museum, with the "errata" listed by Defoe’s publisher, William Taylor, incorporated into the text.More

  5. Book ImageThe Sound and the Fury

    William Faulkner, David Minter

    Second Edition

    The text of this Norton Critical Edition is that of the corrected edition scrupulously prepared by Noel Polk, whose textual note precedes the text. David Minter’s annotations are designed to assist the reader with obscure words and allusions.More

  6. Book ImageThe Mill on the Floss

    George Eliot, Carol T. Christ

    The best-known and most autobiographical of George Eliot’s novels is now available as a Norton Critical Edition.More

  7. Book ImageThe Princess of Clèves

    Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette, John D. Lyons

    The Princess of Cleves, often called the first modern French novel, was published anonymously in 1678 and was received with enthusiasm by its contemporary audience.More

  8. Book ImageThe Awakening

    Kate Chopin, Margo Culley

    Second Edition

    This Second Edition of a perennial favorite in the Norton Critical Edition series represents an extensive revision of its predecessor.More

  9. Book ImageThe Odyssey

    Homer, Albert Cook

    Second Edition

    The Second Edition of this Norton Critical Edition continues to be based on Albert Cook’s translation, widely acclaimed for its poetic phrasing and linguistic accuracy.More

  10. Book ImageToward a Recognition of Androgyny

    Carolyn G. Heilbrun

    In this quietly provocative book, Carolyn G. Heilbrun opens our eyes to the ways in which the concept of androgyny—the realization of man in woman and woman in man—has run, like a hidden river, from its source in pre-Hellenic myth through the literature of the...More

  11. Book ImageAdrienne Rich's Poetry and Prose

    Adrienne Rich, Albert Gelpi, Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi

    In both poetry and prose, the editors have chosen selections intended to give readers a clear sense of Rich's evolution and accomplishment. Many of the poems in this expanded collection are from Rich's five recent volumes—The Dream of a Common Language (1978),...More

  12. Book ImageEdmund Spenser's Poetry

    Edmund Spenser, Hugh Maclean, Anne Lake Prescott

    Building on the strengths of two previous editions, this revised and enlarged Third Edition continues to offer more of Spenser's poetry than any other comparable volume. All selections are based on early and established texts, fully glossed and precisely annotated, with an Editor's Note following each section.More

  13. Book ImageOliver Twist

    Charles Dickens, Fred Kaplan

    This Norton Critical Edition of a Dickens favorite reprints the 1846 text, the last edition of the novel substantially revised by Dickens and the one that most clearly reflects his authorial intentions.More

  14. Book ImageThe Art of Literary Research

    Richard D. Altick, John J. Fenstermaker

    Fourth Edition

    For interested readers who have other vocational plans, its authors-experienced researchers themselves-provide an intimate view of the way professional scholars go about their specialized and challenging tasks.This extensively revised Fourth Edition takes full account of...More

  15. Book ImageBefore Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction

    J. Paul Hunter

    What did people read before there were novels? Not necessarily just other “literary” works, according to this fascinating study of the beginnings of the English novel. To understand the origins of the novel as a species and to read individual novels well, we must...More

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