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  1. Book ImageGetting Culture

    Douglas Hartmann, Christopher Uggen

    A provocative and useful introduction to all the different kinds of sociological research and writing that falls under the category of “cultural.”More

  2. Book ImageFamilies as They Really Are

    Barbara J. Risman, Virginia Rutter

    Second Edition

    A fresh collection of original essays by leading scholars that explores how families operate in everyday life.More

  3. Book ImageAmerican Society: How It Really Works

    Erik Olin Wright, Joel Rogers

    Second Edition

    The definitive critical introduction to American society.More

  4. Book ImageReadings for Sociology

    Garth Massey

    Eighth Edition

    The perfect mix of classic and contemporary readings.More

  5. Book ImageYou May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist

    Dalton Conley

    Fourth Edition

    The “untextbook” that teaches students to think like a sociologist.More

  6. Book ImageYou May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist

    Dalton Conley

    Core Fourth Edition

    The “untextbook” that teaches students to think like a sociologist, now available in a Core Edition.More

  7. Book ImageOwned

    Douglas Hartmann, Christopher Uggen

    An introduction to the new social science of debt.More

  8. Book ImageThinking Through Theory

    John Levi Martin

    Teach students how to think about sociological theory.More

  9. Book ImageGender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions

    Lisa Wade, Myra Marx Ferree

    A lively exploration of current questions of gender and their application to students today.More

  10. Book ImageThe Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution

    Jonathan Eig

    A Chicago Tribune 'Best Books of 2014'
    A Washington Post '50 Notable Works of Nonfiction & Best Science Books 2014'
    A Chicago Tribune 'Nonfiction Books to Gift 2014'
    A Slate 'Best Books 2014: Staff Picks'
    A Booklist '2014 Editor’s Choice' & 'Top 10 Science and Health Books of 2014'
    A St. Louis Post-Dispatch 'Best Books of 2014: Nonfiction'

    The fascinating story of one of the most important scientific discoveries of the twentieth century.More

  11. Book ImageSmart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia

    Anthony M. Townsend

    An unflinching look at the aspiring city-builders of our smart, mobile, connected future.More

  12. Book ImageThe Social Construction of Sexuality

    Steven Seidman

    Third Edition

    An affordable primer to sexuality written from a sociological perspective.More

  13. Book ImageThe Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu

    Dan Jurafsky

    2015 James Beard Award Nominee: Writing and Literature category

    Stanford University linguist and MacArthur Fellow Dan Jurafsky dives into the hidden history of food.More

  14. Book ImageEssentials of Sociology

    Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, Richard P. Appelbaum, Et Al.

    Fifth Edition

    The textbook that helps students see the big picture of sociology.More

  15. Book ImageThe Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change

    Philip N. Cohen

    Learn the facts and debunk the fictions about contemporary families.More

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