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  1. Book ImageIn Vivo: The Case for Supramolecular Biology

    Hans Selye, Albert Szent-Györgyi

    “I like life itself as manifested by form—things I can appreciate directly with my senses.” —Hans SelyeMore

  2. Book ImageThe Natural History of Flies

    Harold Oldroyd

    "An admirable job.... No such survey has previously been available in English." --Howard E. Evans, Scientific AmericanMore

  3. Book ImageThe Living Brain

    W. Grey Walter

    This is a pioneer work of great importance--the first attempt to record for the general public the tremendous advances of the last twenty years in our knowledge of the mechanics of the brain. These advances have been made possible through the invention of the electroencephalograph (EEG for short), the machine which magnifies the minute electrical impulses transmitted inside the brain. Everyone interested in probing the mysteries of human thought and personality will find his horizons widened by a study of this remarkable book.More

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