Constitutional Law

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  1. Book ImageConstitutional Law and Politics: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    David M. O'Brien

    Tenth Edition / Volume(s): 2

    A topical and comprehensive look at the Supreme Court cases that have shaped our nation.More

  2. Book ImageConstitutional Law and Politics: Struggles for Power and Governmental Accountability

    David M. O'Brien

    Tenth Edition / Volume(s): 1

    A topical and comprehensive look at the Supreme Court cases that have shaped our nation.More

  3. Book ImageStorm Center: The Supreme Court in American Politics

    David M. O'Brien

    Eleventh Edition

    An inside look at the workings of the Supreme Court.More

  4. Book ImageSupreme Court Watch 2015: An Annual Supplement

    David M. O'Brien

    Published annually, Supreme Court Watch includes excerpts from and analysis of the most influential cases of the last term.More

  5. Book ImageGunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America

    Adam Winkler

    A provocative history that reveals how guns—not abortion, race, or religion—are at the heart of America's cultural divide.More

  6. Book ImageThe Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration

    Jack Goldsmith

    A New York Times Bestseller

    A central player’s account of the clash between the rule of law and the necessity of defending America.More

  7. Book ImageEqual: Women Reshape American Law

    Fred Strebeigh

    The dramatic, untold story of how women battled blatant inequities in America's legal system.

  8. Book ImageThe End of Inequality: One Person, One Vote and the Transformation of American Politics

    Stephen Ansolabehere, James M. Snyder, Jr.

    The End of Inequality takes a close look at Baker v. Carr, the pivotal Supreme Court case that established the right to equal representation in state legislatures for every American.More

  9. Book ImageJudicious Choices: The Politics of Supreme Court Confirmations

    Mark Silverstein

    Second Edition

    Traces the increasing contentiousness and publicity surrounding the confirmation of nominees to the Supreme Court and argues that such changes are the result of trends in the political process, the expansion of judicial power, and changes in the Senate.

  10. Book ImageWar and Liberty: An American Dilemma: 1790 to the Present

    Geoffrey R. Stone

    An essential work on the challenges of preserving civil liberties in wartime by a preeminent scholar of constitutional law.More

  11. Book ImageStrangers on a Hill: Congress and the Court

    Ross K. Baker

    When Ross K. Baker's House and Senate first appeared in 1989, it became an instant favorite among students and instructors for its engaging and highly accessible description of congressional processes.More

  12. Book ImageA Court Divided: The Rehnquist Court and the Future of Constitutional Law

    Mark Tushnet

    "An incisive consideration of the Supremes, offering erudite yet accessible clues to legal thinking on the most important level."--Kirkus ReviewsMore

  13. Book ImageThe Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of the Secular State

    Isaac Kramnick, R. Laurence Moore

    "A timely, well-written and scholarly polemic for the separation of church and state."--Bernard Crick, The New StatesmanMore

  14. Book ImageBuilding the Rule of Law: Francis Nyalali and the Road to Judicial Independence in Africa

    Jennifer A. Widner

    "[I]ndependence of the judiciary, impartiality of adjudication, fairness of trial, and integrity of the adjudicator are so universally accepted that one may reasonably conclude that these principles are inherent to any justice system in a democracy…there is no doubt that these same principles are part of the African dream."—Francis Nyalali, Chief Justice of Tanzania, 1976–1999More

  15. Book ImageNew Federalist Papers: Essays in Defense of the Constitution

    Alan Brinkley, Nelson W. Polsby, Kathleen M. Sullivan

    Three prominent and highly visible writers confront the threats posed by current challenges to the American Constitution.More

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