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  1. Book ImageCopland on Music

    Aaron Copland

    Whose fault is it that the artist counts for so little in the public mind? Has it always been thus? Is there something wrong, perhaps, with the nature of the art work being created in America? Is our system of education lacking in its attitude toward the art product? Should...More

  2. Book ImageA Guide to Musical Styles: From Madrigal to Modern Music

    Douglas Moore

    Revised Edition

    Douglas Moore, whose Listening to Music has made him known to a large audience of music lovers, has here written a book which will be welcomed by every ambitious listener who would develop his musical assurance and broaden his taste so as to achieve the greatest possible enjoyment from his musical experiences.More

  3. Book ImageVivaldi

    Marc Pincherle, Christopher Hatch

    A definitive biography of the great eighteenth century Venetian composer of the Baroque.More

  4. Book ImageEssays on Music

    Alfred Einstein, Paul Henry Lang

    Alfred Einstein in Essays on Music brings his far-ranging scholarship, his writing abilities, and his wit and humor to bear on a variety of musical subjects, such as the mortality of opera, early concert life, words and music, Strauss and Hoffmansthal, Wagner and Ludwig II, Opus I and Opus Ultimum of many famous composers, together with a series of essays on Mozart. With his sharp eye for problems and an uncanny instinct for their solutions, Dr. Einstein has here made not only significant additions to musical letters, but also enjoyable and rewarding reading for the music lover.More

  5. Book ImageProblems of Modern Music: The Princeton Seminar in Advanced Musical Studies

    Paul Henry Lang

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  6. Book ImageTwentieth-Century Harmony: Creative Aspects and Practice

    Vincent Persichetti

    One of the most important books on contemporary music in the twentieth century.More

  7. Book ImageMusic in the Renaissance

    Gustave Reese

    Revised Edition

    A complete analysis of the development of music during the Renaissance including a discussion of the contributions made by each country.More

  8. Book ImageOrchestration

    Walter Piston

    In this book Walter Piston again displays those qualities that distinguished his earlier books, Harmony and Counterpoint.More

  9. Book ImageEssay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments

    Carl Philipp Emanuel (C. P. E.) Bach, William J. Mitchell

    Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments is a classic of musical literature in the true sense of the word.More

  10. Book ImageCounterpoint

    Walter Piston

    The art of counterpoint is the art of combining melodic lines. The essence of counterpoint, however, is something deeper than a process of manipulation. It is an ingredient of the inner vitality of music and is found in nearly all music. It is to an understanding of counterpoint as such that this book is directed.More

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