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  1. Book ImageThen Comes Marriage: United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA

    Lisa Dickey, Roberta Kaplan, Edie Windsor

    A Los Angeles Times Best Book of 2015

    Roberta Kaplan’s gripping story of her defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) before the Supreme Court.More

  2. Book ImageDark Places of the Earth: The Voyage of the Slave Ship Antelope

    Jonathan M. Bryant

    A dramatic work of historical detection illuminating one of the most significant—and long forgotten—Supreme Court cases in American history.More

  3. Book ImageThe Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government

    Philip K. Howard

    The secret to good government is a question no one in Washington is asking: “What’s the right thing to do?”More

  4. Book ImageLincoln's Greatest Case: The River, the Bridge, and the Making of America

    Brian McGinty

    The untold story of how one sensational trial propelled a self-taught lawyer and a future president into the national spotlight.More

  5. Book ImageA Wild Justice: The Death and Resurrection of Capital Punishment in America

    Evan J. Mandery

    New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice

    Drawing on never-before-published original source detail, the epic story of two of the most consequential, and largely forgotten, moments in Supreme Court history.More

  6. Book ImageLaw and Disorder: Absurdly Funny Moments from the Courts

    Charles M. Sevilla, Lee Lorenz

    More hilarious, unbelievable-but-true stories from our nation’s courts, from the author of Disorder in the Court and Disorderly Conduct.More

  7. Book ImageIn the Balance: Law and Politics on the Roberts Court

    Mark Tushnet

    An examination of the initial years of the Roberts Court and the intellectual battle between Roberts and Kagan for leadership.More

  8. Book ImageGunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America

    Adam Winkler

    A provocative history that reveals how guns—not abortion, race, or religion—are at the heart of America's cultural divide.More

  9. Book ImageLaw for Architects: What You Need to Know

    Robert F. Herrmann, Menaker & Herrmann LLP

    An essential reference for practitioners, emphasizing how legal concepts affect the process of bringing architectural vision to reality.More

  10. Book ImageFlagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas

    Dale Carpenter

    A 2012 New York Times Book Review Notable Book

    "A real-life detective story that reveals the drama behind the scenes of a great Supreme Court victory for human rights." —Linda GreenhouseMore

  11. Book ImageGunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America

    Adam Winkler

    A provocative history that reveals how guns—not abortion, race, or religion—are at the heart of America's cultural divide.More

  12. Book ImageLife Without Lawyers: Restoring Responsibility in America

    Philip K. Howard

    How to restore the can-do spirit that made America great, from the author of the best-selling The Death of Common Sense.More

  13. Book ImageThe Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration

    Jack Goldsmith

    A New York Times Bestseller

    A central player’s account of the clash between the rule of law and the necessity of defending America.More

  14. Book ImageEqual: Women Reshape American Law

    Fred Strebeigh

    The dramatic, untold story of how women battled blatant inequities in America's legal system.

  15. Book ImageA Court Divided: The Rehnquist Court and the Future of Constitutional Law

    Mark Tushnet

    "An incisive consideration of the Supremes, offering erudite yet accessible clues to legal thinking on the most important level."--Kirkus ReviewsMore

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