American History

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  1. Book ImageKhrushchev's Cold War: The Inside Story of an American Adversary

    Aleksandr Fursenko, Timothy Naftali

    “Contains unsettling insights into some of the most dangerous geopolitical crises of the time.”—The EconomistMore

  2. Book ImageThe Money Men: Capitalism, Democracy, and the Hundred Years' War Over the American Dollar

    H. W. Brands

    An "insightful" (Publishers Weekly) history of the development of American capitalism and the men who made it great.More

  3. Book ImageWhat's Liberal About the Liberal Arts?: Classroom Politics and "Bias" in Higher Education

    Michael Bérubé

    "A sensitive, sensible, and compelling account of American education at its best."—Philadelphia InquirerMore

  4. Book ImageSpying on the Bomb: American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran and North Korea

    Jeffrey T. Richelson

    Spying on the Bomb is an "engrossing" (Wall Street Journal) global history of the American-led effort to spy on every nation with nuclear ambitions.More

  5. Book ImageThe Sea Captain's Wife: A True Story of Love, Race, and War in the Nineteenth Century

    Martha Hodes

    A finalist for the Lincoln Prize, The Sea Captain's Wife "comes surprisingly, and movingly, alive" (Tina Jordan, Entertainment Weekly).More

  6. Book ImageDemocracy in America

    Alexis de Tocqueville, Henry Reeves, Isaac Kramnick

    The Norton Critical Edition presents Tocqueville’s classic text in the Henry Reeves translation.More

  7. Book ImageThe Politics of Heaven: America in Fearful Times

    Earl Shorris

    An unsettling account of the events, ideas, and minds behind the nameless political movement that governs America today.More

  8. Book ImageA Pickpocket's Tale: The Underworld of Nineteenth-Century New York

    Timothy J. Gilfoyle

    "A remarkable tale."—Chicago TribuneMore

  9. Book ImageOgallala Blue: Water and Life on the Great Plains

    William Ashworth

    A story of a crucial, dwindling natural resource: an invisible ocean of fresh water under the High Plains.More

  10. Book ImageRoger Williams: The Church and the State

    Edmund S. Morgan

    An illuminating portrait of the nation's earliest—and most passionate—advocate for the total separation of church and state.More

  11. Book ImageDouble Eagle: The Epic Story of the World's Most Valuable Coin

    Alison Frankel

    "A thrilling page-turner....This is a great read."—Publishers Weekly, starred reviewMore

  12. Book ImageThe Few and the Proud: Marine Corps Drill Instructors in Their Own Words

    Larry Smith

    The New York Times bestseller: From the sands of Iwo Jima to the deserts of Iraq, the riveting, real-life stories of training young marines.More

  13. Book ImageReclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

    Vincent Bugliosi

    For fifty years the truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been obscured. This book releases us from a crippling distortion of American history.More

  14. Book ImageWar and Liberty: An American Dilemma: 1790 to the Present

    Geoffrey R. Stone

    An essential work on the challenges of preserving civil liberties in wartime by a preeminent scholar of constitutional law.More

  15. Book ImageKilling Custer: The Battle of Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians

    James Welch, Paul Stekler

    The classic account of Custer's Last Stand that shattered the myth of the Little Bighorn and rewrote history books.More

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