Classical Architecture

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  1. Book ImageThe Future of the Past: A Conservation Ethic for Architecture, Urbanism, and Historic Preservation

    Steven W. Semes

    A comprehensive and eloquent argument for “new traditional” architecture that preserves the style and character of historic buildings.More

  2. Book ImageEdwin Howland Blashfield: Master American Muralist

    Mina Rieur Weiner

    The first book in several decades to focus on the muralist, an esteemed exemplar and advocate of the classical tradition.More

  3. Book ImageFrank Lloyd Wright: Essential Texts

    Robert Twombly

    The most influential, provocative, and enduring writings of the American master are gathered in this anthology.More

  4. Book ImageHistoric Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice

    Norman Tyler, Ted J. Ligibel, Ilene R. Tyler

    Second Edition

    Historic preservation, which started as a grassroots movement, now represents the cutting edge in a cultural revolution focused on “green” architecture and sustainability.More

  5. Book ImageNewport Villas: The Revival Styles 1885-1935

    Michael C. Kathrens

    A survey of the Gilded Age mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, for all who love grand houses.More

  6. Book ImageGilded Mansions: Grand Architecture and High Society

    Wayne Craven

    A lavishly illustrated history of the opulent art and architecture of the Gilded Age.More

  7. Book ImageThe Study of Architectural Design

    John F. Harbeson, John Blatteau, Sandra L. Tatman

    The Study of Architectural Design by John F. Harbeson is the only text in English that describes, step by step, the system of architectural education developed in France and commonly known as the Beaux-Arts method as it was adapted and refined to suit the structure and demands of American schools of architecture.

  8. Book ImageBuilding the Empire State

    Carol Willis

    A rediscovered 1930s notebook charts the construction of the Empire State Building.

  9. Book ImageClassical Swedish Architecture and Interiors 1650-1840

    Johan Cederlund, Lani Summerville-Sternerup

    The beautiful, often breathtakingly lavish architecture and interiors of Sweden between the 1600s and early 1800s have been among the art world’s best-kept secrets.

  10. Book ImageArthur Brown Jr.: Progressive Classicist

    Jeffrey T. Tilman

    Arthur Brown Jr. (1874-1957) is one of the most important, yet underpublished, architects of the twentieth century.

  11. Book ImageThe United States Capitol: Its Architecture and Decoration

    Henry Hope Reed

    This wonderfully illustrated volume traces the architectural antecedents and building history of the magnificent U.S. Capitol.More

  12. Book ImageThe Architecture of the Classical Interior

    Steven W. Semes

    The principles of classical architecture applied to the design of interiors, both residential and public.More

  13. Book ImageLearning From Palladio

    Branko Mitrovic

    This book summarizes what is known today about the design procedures and methodology of Andrea Palladio, arguably the most influential Renaissance architect.More

  14. Book ImageA Decade of Art & Architecture: 1992-2002

    Editors of The Classicist

    This elegantly produced volume provides a survey of recent work by 100 architects, artists, and artisans in celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Institute of Classical Architecture (ICA).More

  15. Book ImageClassical Architecture: An Introduction to Its Vocabulary and Essentials, with a Select Glossary of Terms

    James Stevens Curl

    This well-illustrated book describes the fundamental principles and various aspects of classical architecture, including a detailed, illustrated glossary that is almost a dictionary of classical architecture in itself.

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