Spring 2013 Poetry


Postmodern American Poetry, edited by Paul Hoover
A new edition of this groundbreaking anthology revisits postmodernism as a twenty-first-century movement.

Angles of Ascent, edited by Charles Henry Rowell
More than seventy poets are represented in this innovative new anthology of African American poetry since the 1960s.

The Collected Poems of Ai
All eight books by this essential and uniquely American poet have been gathered in one volume for the first time.

Dante's The Divine Comedy, translated by Clive James
Renowned poet and critic Clive James presents the crowning achievement of his career: a monumental translation into English verse of Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

The Cineaste by A. Van Jordan
A remarkable montage of poems that explore film, poetry, and the elusiveness of reverie.

The Oracle of Hollywood Boulevard by Dana Goodyear
Poems about sex, marriage, and the desire for a child from a poet J. D. McClatchy calls “scary-cool and edgy-smart."

The Collected Poems of Robert Hayden
An exquisite body of work celebrating the centennial of one of the most important African-American poets of the twentieth century.