Meet Julia Reidhead, Norton’s New President


Julie Reidhead. Photo by Beowulf Sheehan
Photo by Beowulf Sheehan

Julia A. Reidhead, formerly vice president and publishing director of Norton’s College division, was recently named the firm’s sixth president. She is the first woman ever appointed to the company's presidency. Norton’s Chairman, W. Drake McFeely, said, “Julia Reidhead, who has made her entire publishing career here at Norton, embodies all the values we hold dear: an abiding love of books and literature, pride in and dedication to the editorial process, a commitment to innovation (in particular, a deep understanding of the new avenues that digital media have opened), and above all, a passion for our status as independent publishers.”

Among Julia’s many contributions at Norton is one that will be of particular interest to readers and scholars of the legendary Norton Anthologies and Norton Shakespeare. For decades, she has been the principal in-house editor of all these volumes, including the flagship Norton Anthology of English Literature, and has worked behind the scenes to guide dozens of editions to publication. She introduced the Norton Anthology of African American Literature, edited the anthologies of Poetry, American Literature, Literature by Women, and World Religions, and oversaw the introduction of the NAEL and Norton Shakespeare in new e-book editions (to the delight of backpacks everywhere). If you have read a Norton anthology or Norton Shakespeare anytime in the last quarter century, you have been touched by the work of Julia Reidhead.

Additionally, Julia has served the firm as a sales rep, advertising manager, and editor for foreign language, freshman composition, and literature and composition textbooks, and has overseen a new generation of texts and digital media (including InQuizitive and Smartwork5) as well as the emergence of category leaders in history, anthropology, psychology, rhetoric, and composition.

Julia notes, “My colleagues and I are as proud of our independence and employee-ownership as we are of publishing distinctive books and digital media. I intend to uphold these qualities as we move toward Norton’s second century.”