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Advanced Placement® Summer Institute Directors and Workshop Leaders should adhere to the following policies to help us provide the best support for AP® workshops.

When to request your materials: Requests for materials should be made at least three weeks prior to the requested delivery date. Without three weeks’ notice, we cannot guarantee that everything will arrive in time.

What materials you will receive: You will receive a box (usually between 5-10 books) of our best-selling title for the relevant course. (See list below.) Should you wish to receive a different title, please let us know in the comments field of the request form (also below). You will receive a separate box with instructions on how your participants can receive immediate access to all of Norton’s digital materials for the relevant course, as well as instructions on how you can contact us for additional examination copies.

  • AP Art History: Gateways to Art
  • AP Chemistry: Chemistry: An Atoms Focused Approach, Second Edition
  • AP Comparative Government: ¬†Essentials of Comparative Politics with Cases, Sixth AP Edition
  • AP European History: A History of Modern Europe, Third Edition
  • AP Language & Composition: Back to the Lake, Third High School Edition & Norton Reader, Fourteenth High School Edition
  • AP Literature: Norton Introduction to Literature, Twelfth Edition
  • AP Music Theory: The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis, Third Edition
  • AP Psychology: Psychological Science, Sixth Edition
  • AP U.S. Government: American Politics Today, Fifth AP Edition
  • AP U.S. History: Give Me Liberty, Fifth AP Edition
  • AP World History: Worlds Together, Worlds Apart, AP Edition

How to contact us: If your subject is not listed in the request form (below), you can contact us at hsworkshops@wwnorton.com.

Where to submit your rosters: In exchange for providing free W. W. Norton & Company textbooks for your AP® workshops, we would like to request that you send your workshop roster to us via mail or email, using the designated Workshop Roster Form (Excel / PDF) at the completion of the workshop.

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