Advanced Placement® Summer Institute Directors and Workshop Leaders should adhere to the following policies in order to help us provide the best support for AP® workshops.

  • When to request your materials: Requests for materials should be made at least three weeks prior to the requested delivery date. Without three weeks’ notice, we cannot guarantee that everything will arrive in time.
  • What materials you will receive: You will receive a curated box that contains 1–3 copies of the text and trade titles relevant to your AP® subject area as well as registration codes for each participant. The registration codes will unlock access to relevant ebooks and digital media.
  • How to contact us: If your subject is not listed in the dropdown menu below, you can reach out to us at
  • Where to submit your rosters:  In exchange for providing free W. W. Norton & Company textbooks for your AP® workshops, we ask that you provide a roster of your workshop participants. Rosters can be submitted via mail or email, using the designated Workshop Roster Form (Excel / PDF), at the completion of the workshop.

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