Ordering a Custom Book

Because custom books are printed on demand, it is important that we know as soon as possible how many copies you intend to order. Please let Norton’s custom editor or your local representative know your ordering estimate as soon as you can. You should also place your custom order on the earliest date you are allowed to do so. Please place your order by phone or fax, rather than through PubNet, for best service.

When determining quantities, please keep in mind that the Norton Custom products you are ordering will be printed on demand for your school alone. We do not list custom books for sale on our website, so the only place students can get these books will be through on- and off-campus bookstores. Lab manuals are consumable items with pages that students tear out and turn in as part of their assignments, so sell-through should be high on these items.

The Norton Mix, Discovering Biology in the Lab, and Lab Manual for Introductory Geology will not be printed until we receive an order from you. Allow four to six weeks, plus normal shipment times from the East Coast, for receipt of your order. Keep in mind that reorders may also take up to three weeks.