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The Annotated Brothers Grimm

Jacob Grimm (Author), Wilhelm Grimm (Author), Maria Tatar (Editor, Translator, Harvard University)

With an Introduction by A. S. Byatt


Celebrate the 200th birthday of the Brothers Grimm stories with this lavish volume now richly expanded for a new generation.

Publication of the Grimms’ Children’s Stories and Household Tales in 1812 brought the great European oral folk tradition into print for the first time. The Annotated Brothers Grimm returns in a deluxe and augmented 200th-anniversary edition commemorating that landmark event. Adding to such favorites as “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Snow White,” and “Rapunzel,” Maria Tatar includes six new entries, among them “Four Clever Brothers,” “The Water of Life,” “The White Snake,” and “The Old Man and His Grandson.” The expanded edition features an enhanced selection of illustrations, many in color, by legendary artists such as George Cruikshank and Arthur Rackham; annotations that explore the historical origins, cultural context, and psychological effects of the tales; and a biographical essay on Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. A perennial favorite in the acclaimed Norton Annotated series, this magnificent volume will draw both children and adults into the enchanting world of fairy tales.

Book Details

  • Hardcover
  • October 2012
  • ISBN 978-0-393-08886-1
  • 9.1 × 10.3 in / 552 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

Endorsements & Reviews

“[A]n intelligent book for hospital and healthcare facility designers. . . . I was blown away by the beauty of many of the facilities featured in the book and salute the architects who are creating beauty without sacrificing (and often further enhancing) efficiency.” — Joan Acocella, The New Yorker

“[O]ne of today’s most appealing versions is the Harvard scholar Maria Tatar’s Annotated Brothers Grimm, rereleased in a new edition this Fall.” — Amanda Katz, New York Times

“This rich and valuable edition brilliantly showcases the brothers' storytelling acumen, and reinforces their tales as timeless for both children and for scholars.” — Publishers Weekly

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