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Italian Renaissance Art

Stephen J. Campbell (Author, Johns Hopkins University), Michael W. Cole (Author, Columbia University)


Stephen Campbell & Michael Cole offer a new and invigorating approach to Italian Renaissance art that combines a straightforward chronological structure with new insights and approaches from contemporary scholarship.

Drawing on the most recent scholarship, this book is accessible to students and non-specialist readers, telling the story of art in the great centers of Rome, Florence, and Venice, while profiling a range of other cities and sites throughout Italy. While the book presents the classic canon of Renaissance painting and sculpture in full, it expands the scope of conventional surveys by offering a more through coverage of architecture, decorative and domestic art, and print media. Rather than emphasizing artists’ biographies, this new account concentrates on the works, discussing means of production, the place for which images were made, concerns of patrons, and the expectation and responses of the works first viewers. Renaissance art is seen as decidedly new, a moment in the history of art whose concerns persist in the present.

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  • Paperback
  • October 2011
  • ISBN 978-0-500-28943-3
  • 8.9 × 10.9 in / 696 pages
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  1. Book CoverItalian Renaissance Art


  2. Book CoverItalian Renaissance Art


    Volume(s): 1 / Chapters 1 - 12 / 1300 - 1510

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    Volume(s): 2 / Chapters 11 - 21 / 1490 - 1600

Endorsements & Reviews

“Encourages both instructor and student to think about key themes in Renaissance art as they manifest themselves in different places and, to some extent, different times. Given the right pedagogical fit, this approach could be very useful to both students and instructors.” — caa.reviews (College Art Association)

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