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Divine Comedy

Journeys Through a Regional Geography: Three New Works

John Kinsella (Author, Cambridge University)


“One of the most original and poignantly authentic poets writing in English.”—Harold Bloom

A three-part, epic work challenging our notions about the environment by Australia’s preeminent poet of the natural world. Consisting of Purgatorio: Up Close, Paradiso: Rupture, and Inferno: Leisure Centre, John Kinsella's "distractions" on Dante's Divine Comedy journey through time and space. Set in a wheat-belt Western Australia, these poems are a phantasmagoria of the real and imagined, depicting nature in its full regalia, resisting forces of environmental damage and human indifference.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • June 2010
  • ISBN 978-0-393-33829-4
  • 6.2 × 9.2 in / 432 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide, excluding Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. Book CoverDivine Comedy: Journeys Through a Regional Geography: Three New Works


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