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Psychological Science

Overview | For Instructors | For Students

This page contains downloadable resources. For information and directions on loading your coursepacks and other resources, click here

SmartWork Online Homework

SmartWork offers students the help they need, when they need it. Every question includes hints on how to approach the problem, answer feedback that addresses common errors and helps students learn from their mistakes, and direct links to the ebook. Instructors have full editorial control - they can customize the questions to suit their needs or build their own questions easily - without any prior programming knowledge.

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Interactive Instructor's Guide


This online database of hundreds of free resources places Norton's extensive collection of teaching resources at instructors' fingertips—from veteran professors looking for something to enliven tried and true lectures to first time instructors building lesson plans from scratch, Norton offers hundreds of activities, lecture ideas, and media for use in the classroom. With its search tools and export capability, the Interactive Instructor Guide will help instructors search for exactly the resources they need by topic and resource type, and will alert subscribing instructors as new resources are made available.

Psychological Science - IIGAccess Demo WebsiteAccess Full Website

SmartWork Online Homework

The download file under the Sample column is the full document.

Key to SmartWork Question Titles and Learning ObjectivesDownload full document
(PDF, 0.17 MB)

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Student Registration Guide for SmartWork and ZapsDownload full document
(PDF, 0.12 MB)

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Available at no cost to professors or students, Norton coursepacks bring high-quality Norton digital media into a new or existing online course. Content includes the Test Bank and all content from the StudySpace website.

Blackboard Coursepack (download this file if your school is using Blackboard 6, 7, 8 or 9) Access Resource
Blackboard CE 4 (formerly, WebCT CE 4) Coursepack Access Resource
Blackboard CE 6 (formerly, WebCT CE 6) Coursepack Access Resource
Blackboard Vista (formerly, WebCT Vista) Coursepack Access Resource
Angel 7.4 Coursepack Access Resource
Moodle 2.5 Coursepack Access Resource
Desire2Learn Coursepack Access Resource
Canvas, IMS Access Resource

Instructor's Resource Manual

Sue Frantz (Author,  Highline Community College)

In the Instructor’s Resource Manual, a concept map is completely integrated with e-media features so that instructors have an instant reference for class preparations. Each concept features everything an instructor needs for an interactive classroom: definitions, in-depth topic coverage, discussion questions, in-class demos, suggested lectures, handouts, and additional resources. more

Instructor's Resource Manual, Paperback Request an Exam Copy
Instructor's Resource Manual, PDFSample Chapter 5
(PDF, 0.58 MB)

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The Norton Psychology in the News Videos

The Norton Psychology in the News Videos, PowerPoint Chapters 1-4Sample Chapter 5
(ZIP, 11.43 MB)

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The Norton Psychology in the News Videos, PowerPoint Chapters 5-7 Access Resource
The Norton Psychology in the News Videos, PowerPoint Chapters 8-11 Access Resource
The Norton Psychology in the News Videos, PowerPoint Chapters 12-15 Access Resource

Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides, PowerPointSample Chapter 5
(PPT, 7.15 MB)

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Art Slides

Art Slides, PowerPointSample Chapter 5
(PPT, 8.59 MB)

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Art Slides, JPEG with LabelsSample Chapter 5
(ZIP, 8.00 MB)

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Art Slides, JPEG without LabelsSample Chapter 5
(ZIP, 1.57 MB)

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Test Bank

Nikole Diane Huffman (Author,  Ohio State University), Matthew Isaak (Author,  University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Natasha Tokowicz (Author,  University of Pittsburgh), Roxana Conroy (Contributions by,  Jacksonville State University), Todd McKerchar (Contributions by,  Jacksonville State University)

The fourth edition test-item file has been completely revised using an evidence-centered approach designed by Valerie Shute from Florida State University and Diego Zapata-Rivera from the Educational Testing Service. This test bank includes over 3,000 questions written by a team of dedicated professors and structured around a concept map that is consistent with the Study Guide. The test-item file provides an effective tool for evaluating student knowledge on three different levels: factual, applied, and conceptual. more

Test Bank, CD-ROM Request an Exam Copy
Test Bank, Paperback Request an Exam Copy
Test Bank, EXAMVIEW® 7.5 Assessment Suite, Win includes data test banks Access Resource
Test Bank, EXAMVIEW® 7.51Assessment Suite, Mac OS 10.4-10.7 (works with Lion) includes data test banks Access Resource
Test Bank, Blackboard 6-7 Access Resource
Test Bank, Blackboard 7.1-9 Access Resource
Test Bank, Blackboard CE / Vista (WebCT CE 6 / Vista 4) Access Resource
Test Bank, Angel 7.4 Access Resource
Test Bank, PDF Access Resource
Test Bank, Word Doc Access Resource
Test Bank, Word RTF Access Resource

Visual Summaries

Visual Summaries, PDF Access Resource

Beyond the Text/Clicker Questions

The Beyond the Textbook Powerpoint slides present research studies and applications for each chapter that are not included in the textbook. Each chapter also contains at least ten clicker questions that will engage your students by actively involving them in your lectures. These questions are authored by Kimberly M. Fenn of Michigan State University.

Beyond the Text/Clicker Questions, PowerPointSample Chapter 5
(PPTX, 2.40 MB)

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The Norton Psychology in the News DVD

Patrick Carroll (Compiled by,  University of Texas at Austin)

The Norton Psychology in the News DVD features over four hours of ScienCentral News profiles of recent psychological research from peer-reviewed journals. Designed to relate research findings to students' lives in a concise, accessible, and engaging format, The Norton Psychology in the News DVD serves as an excellent presentation tool in your lecture hall or classroom. more

The Norton Psychology in the News DVD, DVD Request an Exam Copy

Instructor's Resource Disc

Heidi Dempsey (Author,  Jacksonville State University)

The Instructor’s Resource Disc includes two sets of lecture slides: one more detailed and one more concise; robust notes, discussion questions, and teaching suggestions in the instructor notes field; all rendered figures and photos from the text; and material for each chapter that goes beyond the text: an additional research study and an application. more

Instructor's Resource Disc, CD-ROM Request an Exam Copy