Third Edition
      Volume(s): 2
      Parts 4-5
      Chapters 22-36
      ISBN 978-0-393-93004-7

Hans C. Ohanian (Author)John T. Markert (Author)

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Physics for Engineers and Scientists


An exposition focuses on the core concepts

Each chapter in Ohanian and Markert begins with a visually compelling, real-world “Concepts-in-Context” teaching example that motivates learning and previews a few of the chapter’s key concepts. This opening vignette includes several leading questions that highlight the chapter content and provide a common touchstone for new concepts as they are introduced.

Within the chapters, conceptual discussions precede mathematical computations, seamlessly guiding students from exposition to worked examples. Many chapters also include short Physics-in-Practice essays that apply concepts to real-world phenomena.

By emphasizing real-world data in the chapter openers, worked examples, and end-of chapter review problems, the book helps students to develop the confidence to apply physics in their subsequent science and engineering courses.

An active-learning approach makes students better problem solvers

With more in-chapter review material than any other text, Ohanian and Markert encourage students to test their conceptual understanding and practice their problem-solving skills as they read. Nearly 400 worked examples feature detailed solutions that demonstrate the concepts and thoroughly explain the strategies used to solve a given problem.

Nearly every section within a chapter closes with Checkup Questions in which students are asked to pause and review the concepts they’ve just learned. The final Checkup question is always in a multiple-choice format—specifically designed for interactive teaching.

Occasional Problem-Solving Techniques and Math Help boxes provide additional support when students need it most.

Many figures in the text contain balloon captions that point to important features within the figure. Often these captions demonstrate a cause-effect or sequential thought process, providing an informative supplement to the conventional figure caption.

An optional Student Activity Workbook reinforces the explanation of core concepts in the text and provides opportunities for group- and experience-based learning.

An integrated learning package reinforces the emphasis on core concepts and problem-solving skills.

From SmartWork, Norton’s online homework-management system, to the Online Concept Tutorials and Instructor’s CD-ROM, each element of the Ohanian and Markert package mirrors the text’s emphasis on mastering the core concepts and solving problems. In addition, the support package offers a variety of presentations for essential concepts, broadening students’ opportunities to learn and review.