ISBN 978-0-393-93070-2

Hazel Rose Markus (Editor)Paula M. L. Moya (Editor)

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Doing Race

21 Essays for the 21st Century

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The only collection of original essays on race written with a college student in mind

Doing Race pulls together original essays from some of the biggest names studying race today. The essays have been carefully edited to synthesize many of the ideas that their authors have discussed in academic journals and books, but without jargon and academic complexities.

A collection of twenty-one interdisciplinary essays on race and ethnicity

Doing Race is a multidisciplinary book, comparative across racial and ethnic groups, and global in scope. The essay authors are internationally renowned scholars who have influenced the development of those disciplines—psychology, history, political science, education, sociology, drama, communication, religious studies, literature—that have been central to the study of race and ethnicity. The essays are based on lectures presented by these scholars in a highly successful undergraduate course at Stanford University entitled Introduction to Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity.

An affordable alternative to traditional textbooks and readers

Doing Race offers a fresh approach at a price that is significantly lower than that of traditional textbooks and readers.