Volume(s): 1: Ancient to Baroque
      ISBN 978-0-393-93126-6

J. Peter Burkholder (Editor)Claude V. Palisca (Editor)

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Norton Anthology of Western Music


Every piece is a good teaching piece

Pieces are representative of time, genre, and composer, and choices emphasize complete works over excerpts. Major composers are represented by multiple works, reflecting the composers’ range of style. Other pieces reveal chains of development, including genres, conventions, forms, and techniques. Selections encompass not only the standard canon but also music from Spain, Eastern Europe, and the Americas; music of the African-American tradition; music by women; and music by living composers. Each work is followed by illuminating commentary that covers the work’s origins; describes its form, contents, and important stylistic traits; and addresses matters of performance practice.

Vivid, compelling repertoire in dynamic performances—many new to this edition

Responding to extensive feedback from over 400 professors, the new Sixth Edition of the Norton Anthology of Western Music expands from 172 to 205 works to feature more chamber music, longer orchestral works, and more operatic scenes from the nineteenth century, and to showcase greater diversity in twentieth-century styles and genres. Each work is chosen to highlight the best music from every age, showing each piece’s relevance and impact on subsequent generations. Now available in three spiralbound volumes and fourteen audio CDs, the recorded anthology features 60 new performances.