ISBN 978-0-393-33645-0

Robert Shapard (Editor)James Thomas (Editor)Ray Gonzales (Editor)

Sudden Fiction Latino

Short-Short Stories from the United States and Latin America


    Editors' Note
    Robert Shapard, James Thomas, Ray Gonzalez

    Introduction: A Smuggler's Sack
    Luisa Valenzuela

    The White Girl
    Luis Alberto Urrea • United States

    The Extravagant Behavior of the Naked Woman
    Josefina Estrada • Mexico

    Everyone's Abuelo Can't Have Ridden with Pancho Villa
    Andrea Saenz • United States

    The Book without Covers
    Enrique Jaramillo Levi • Panama

    Junot Díaz • United States

    Ana María Shua • Argentina

    Clownpants Molina
    Stephen D. Gutierrez • United States

    Vigilio Piñera • Cuba

    People of the Dog
    Alma Luz Villanueva • United States

    Light Is Like Water
    Gabriel García Márquez • Colombia

    Red Serpent Ceviche
    Antonio Farias • United States

    Celeste's Heart
    Aída Bortnik • Argentina

    Dagoberto Gilb • United States

    The Lord of the Flies
    Marco Denevi • Argentina

    Day Ah Dallas Mare Toes
    Luna Calderón • United States

    The Eclipse
    Augusto Monterroso • Mexico

    Montezuma, My Revolver
    Fernando Benavidez, Jr. • United States

    Pedro Ponce • United States

    When New Flowers Bloomed
    Carmen Naranjo • Costa Rica

    Imagining Bisbee
    Alicita Rodríguez • United States

    Miss Clairol
    Helena María Viramontes • United States

    Edmundo Paz Soldán • Bolivia

    The News of the Author
    Omar Castañeda • United States

    Norma Elia Cantú • United States

    The Book of Sand
    Jorge Luis Borges • Argentina

    Customer Service at the Karaoke Don Quixote
    Juan Martinez • United States

    Impossible Story
    Carmen Boullosa • Mexico

    Eva and Daniel
    Tomás Rivera • United States

    The Captive
    José Emilio Pacheco • Mexico

    Essential Things
    Jorge Luis Arzola • Cuba

    Sandra Cisneros • United States

    4 Microstories: LOVE 1 / LOVE 2 / THE TEST / THE HOLE
    Raúl Brasca • Argentina

    Our Secret
    Isabel Allende • Chile

    The Native Lawyer
    Rudolfo Anaya • United States

    Señor Noboa
    Raúl Leis • Panama

    How to Live with a Feminista and (Still) Be a Macho: Notes Unabridged
    Juan Felipe Herrera • United States

    Aunt Chila
    Ángeles Mastretta • Mexico

    The Hitchhiker
    Louis Reyna • United States

    What Should Run in the Mind of Caballeros
    Lupe Méndez • United States

    The Scribe
    Rafael Courtoisie • Uruguay

    Phone Calls
    Roberto Bolaño • Chile

    Foreign Market
    Ana Castillo • United States

    The Proof
    Rodrigo Rey Rosa • Guatemala

    The Back of My Own Head in a Crowd
    Alberto Ríos • United States

    Fresh Fruit
    Marisella Veiga • United States

    Chronicle of the City of Havana
    Eduardo Galeano • Uruguay

    The Uprooted
    Cristina Peri Rossi • Uruguay

    The Visitor
    Daniel Alarcón • United States

    Judith Ortíz Cofer • United States

    Robert Lopez • United States

    Alejandra Pizarnik • Argentina

    The Eternal Dog
    Hernán Lavín Cerda • Chile

    The Expression
    Mario Benedetti • Uruguay

    Johnny Depp
    Socorro Venegas • Mexico

    In the Cold of the Malecón
    Antonio José Ponte • Cuba

    Carmen Tafolla • United States

    Hilma Contreras • Dominican Republic

    La Guaca
    Daniel A. Olivas • United States

    The Centerfielder
    Sergio Ramírez • Nicaragua

    Chronicle of the Second Plague
    Ignacio Padilla • Mexico

    "Cielito Lindo"
    Lisa Alvarez • United States

    Day of the Dead
    Daniel Chacón • United States

    2 Microstories: THE WOODEN BOAT / ASTILLA
    Manuel Muñoz • United States

    Nicomedes Suárez Araúz • Bolivia

    Pablo Medina • United States

    Cat's Eye
    Luisa Valenzuela • Argentina

    Epilogue: Migrations
    Julio Ortega • Peru/United States