ISBN 978-0-393-71283-4

Susan L. Roberts (Author)

Sustainable Health

Simple Habits to Transform Your Life

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    1. Introduction to Sustainable Health: Using a Healing Compass

    Have Faith

    Science and Spirit: Beliefs behind the Healing Compass of Sustainable Health

    Sensation, Thoughts, and Emotions: The Mind's Confusing Twists and Turns

    Light: Electromagnetic Radiation

    Sound: Mechanical Energy

    Touch and Movement: Mechanical, Gravitational, and Kinetic Energies

    Taste and Smell: Chemical Energy


    The Body Never Lies: Actions Create Health

    How to Use This Book

    2. Wood Energies: Have Fun and Play

    Practice: Watch the Wind Blow and Playfully Let Go of Stress

    Stress: What Happens in the Body

    Calming the Body after Stressful Experiences

    Play and Mentally Letting Go of Stress

    How Did "Play" Become a Four-Letter Word?

    Connecting to a Conscious Universe Through Plants

    Flexibility and Flow: The Healing Power of Wood Energies

    Have Fun: Play with Life

    Have Fun! Watch the Wind Blow

    Try It: How Long Can You Do Nothing?

    Learn More: Get to Know a Tree . . .  or Two, or Three

    Set an Intention and Do It: Daily Forest Bathing

    Make It Your Own: Practice Weather Watching

    Share It: Take a Friend Forest Bathing

    3. Water Energies: Imagine! The Healing Power of Sleep and Dreams

    Practice: Imagine! A Peaceful Night of Sleep

    How Sleep Heals the Body

    Dreams, Memory, Mood, and Creativity

    Sleep Changes through Life

    Support and Release: The Healing Power of Water Energies

    Try It: Can We Disconnect from Our Media?

    Learn More: What Makes Falling Asleep Easier?

    Set an Intention and Do It: Get to Bed on Time

    Make it Our Own: Create a Bedtime Ritual

    Share It: Set an Example

    4. Earth Energies: Eat What You Love! Don't Worry. Feel Better.

    Practice: Eat What you Love! And Detox from Sugar, Flour, and Alcohol

    What Happens When We Eat

    Demystifying Calories and Nutrition

    Eating and Our Minds: Why Are We So Anxious about What We Eat?

    Nourishing the Spirit: Loving Our Food

    Receiving and Transforming: The Healing Power of Earth Energies

    Eat What You Love! And Detox from the Standard American Diet

    Try It: Pay Attention to Sugar, Flour, and Alcohol

    Learn More: Find Your Stopping Place

    Set an Intention and Do It: Practice Letting Go of Sugar, Flour, and Alcohol for 30 Days

    5. Metal Energies: Learn! Find Inspiration in Work

    Practice Eliminating Clutter: Prepare for Inspiration

    Practice, Practice, Practice: Developing Skills

    Mind over Matter: Letting Go of Our Attachments to Stuff

    Inspiration and Elimination: The Healing Power of Metal Energies

    Eliminate Clutter: Preparing Space for Inspiration

    Try It: An Archaeological Expedition into Our Lives

    Learn More: What Things Trigger Grief

    Set an Intention and Do It: Build Willpower 15 Minutes a Day

    Make It Your Own: Whistle While You Work

    Share IT: Clean up the Neighborhood

    6. Fire Energies: Make Friends! Passion and Process in Relationship

    Practice Passion: The Process of Community Building

    Happy Talk: Our Brains on Dopamine and Oxytocin

    Thinking with the Heart-Mind

    Passion and Process: The Healing Power of Fire Energies

    Make Friends! Cultivating Our Tribe

    Try It: Find Your Tribe of 150

    Learn More: Taking Names and Playing Games

    Set an Intention and Do It: Have Courage for Relationships

    Make It Your Own: Develop a Group of Regulars

    Share It: Widening the Circles


    Love Yourself!: Connecting to Body's Wisdom

    The Body Scan: Our Daily Conversation with the Conscious Universe

    Appendix A: Sugar by Many Other Names

    Appendix B: Sugar Substitutes