ISBN 978-0-393-71259-9

Deborah D. Gray (Author)

Promoting Healthy Attachments

Hands-on Techniques to Use with Your Clients

Overview | Contents


    Part I: The Development of Attachments and Attachment Patterns: Their Roles in Close Connections, Stress Systems, Sense of Self, and Theory of Mind

    1. Parenting and the Formation of Attachment Patterns

    2. Changing Attachment Patterns

    Part II: Therapy Processes, Methods, and Techniques in Treating Attachment Issues

    3. Attachment-Promoting Methods, Plans, and Techniques

    4. Treatment for Children Who Have Attachment Issues

    5. Treatment for Parents Who Have Attachment Issues

    6. Treatment for Adolescents Who Have Attachment Issues

    7. Modifications When Working on Attachment with Highly Stressed Families

    8. Spirituality, Faith, and Attachment in Clinical Work

    9. Play and Attachment