ISBN 978-0-393-71257-5

John E. Dowling (Author)

Understanding the Brain

From Cells to Behavior to Cognition

Overview | Contents


    Part I - Cellular Neurobiology: The Nuts and Bolts

    1. The Uniqueness of the Brain

    2. Brain Signals

    3. Neuromodulation, Drugs, and the Brain

    4. Sensing the World

    Part Two - Systems Neuroscience: Getting and Behaviors

    5. Simpler Nervous Systems

    6. Vertebrate Brains

    7. Vision: Window to the Brain

    Part III - Cognitive Science: Higher Brain Function and Mind

    8. From Brain to Mind: Visual Perception

    9. The Dynamic Brain: Development and Plasticity

    10. Language and Brain Imaging

    11. Remembering Things: Learning and Memory

    12. The Emotional Brain: Rationality

    13. Consciousness


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