ISBN 978-0-393-71325-1

Louis Cozolino (Author)


Nature's Formula for Health and Longevity

Overview | Contents




    Part I: Building the Social Brain

    1. Our Social Brains

    2. Connecting to Others

    3. Sustaining the Social Brain: A New Look

    Part II: The Social Brain Across the Life Span

    4. The Life of the Brain

    5. Growth and Adaptation

    6. Two Brains: Many Possibilities

    Part III: Attachment and Wisdom

    7. The Emergence of Wisdom and Compassion

    8. The Maturation of Emotion

    9. Challenges to Wisdom

    10. Stories as Nurturance

    Part IV: Body and Soul

    11. Nurturing Your Body

    12. Nurturing Relationships

    13. Compassion in Action

    14. Optimal Challenge and Maximum Inclusion