ISBN 978-0-393-71171-4

Terry Marks-Tarlow (Author)Daniel J. Siegel (Author)Marion Solomon (Author)

Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy

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    1. Deer, Chicken, Hunting Dogs, and the Future of Humankind by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

    2. A Closer Look at Play by Stuart Brown and Madelyn Eberle

    3. Play and the Default Mode Network: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Self, and Creativity by Aldrich Chan and Daniel J. Siegel

    4. How Love Opens Creativity, Play, and the Arts through Early Right-Brain Development by Allan Schore and Terry Marks-Tarlow

    5. Play, Creativity, and Movement Vocabulary by Pat Ogden

    6. A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Disciplinary Perspective of Play by Theresa Kestly

    7. Creativity in the Training of Psychotherapists by Louis Cozolino

    8. Awakening Clinical Intuition, Creativity and Play by Terry Marks-Tarlow

    9. Trauma, Attachment, and Creativity by Paula Thomson

    10. Resonance, Synchrony, and Empathic Attunement: Musical Dimensions of Psychotherapy by Victoria Stevens

    11. Playing with Someone Who Loves You: Creating Safety and Joyful Parent-Child Connection with Theraplay by Phyllis B. Booth, Dafna Lender, and Sandra Lindaman

    12. PLAY and the Construction of Creativity, Cleverness, and Reversal of ADHD in our Social Brains by Jaak Panksepp

    13. Nesting Dolls: A Playful Way to Illustrate a Valuable Intervention in Couples Therapy by Marion F. Solomon

    14. Rage, Comedy, and Creativity in Theater by Jonathan Lynn

    15. Rage Underlying Humor in Psychotherapy by Rita Lynn

    16. Developing Resilience with the Improviser's Mindset: Getting People Out of Their Stuck Places by Zoe Galvez and Betsy Crouch

    17. Cultivating Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence, and Self-Awareness Through Mindful Group-Therapy for Children and Adolescents by Bonnie Goldstein

    18. The Power of Optimism by Steve Gross