Third Edition
      ISBN 978-0-393-71264-3

Louis Cozolino (Author)

The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Healing the Social Brain

Overview | Contents

    Preface to the Third Edition

    Part I. Neuroscience and Psychotherapy: An Overview

    1. The Entangled Histories of Neurology and Psychology

    2. Building and Rebuilding the Brain: Psychotherapy and Neuroscience

    3. Neural Integration in Different Models of Psychotherapy

    Part II. How the Brain Works: The Legacy of Evolution

    4. The Human Nervous System: From Neurons to Neural Networks

    5. Multiple Memory Systems in Psychotherapy

    6. Laterality: One Brain or Two?

    Part III. Executive Functioning and Neural Integration

    7. The Executive Brain: Directed Action and Inhibition

    8. The Executive Brain: Navigating Space and Time

    9. The Executive Brain: Discovering Others and Finding the Self

    10. From Neural Networks to Narratives: The Quest for Integration

    Part IV. Attachment and Connectedness

    11. The Social Brain

    12. Building the Social Brain: Shaping Attachment Schemas

    13. The Neurobiology of Attachment

    14. Altruism and Psychotherapy: Leveraging the Social Brain in the Service of Change

    Part V. The Disorganization of Experience

    15. The Anxious and Fearful Brain

    16. Early Traumatic Stress: The Fragmentation of Self and Others

    17. The Impact of Trauma: Biochemical Dysregulation and Neural Network Dissociation

    18. The Self in Exile: Narcissism and Pathological Caretaking

    Part VI. The Reorganization of Experience

    19. The Evolutionary Necessity of Psychotherapy

    20. Stimulating Neural Plasticity

    21. The Psychotherapist as Neuroscientist

    22. How People Change