ISBN 978-0-393-70962-9

Claudia M. Gold (Author)

The Developmental Science of Early Childhood

Clinical Applications of Infant Mental Health Concepts From Infancy Through Adolescence

Overview | Contents

    Part I: Key Concepts of the Infant Mental Health Paradigm

    1. Primary Maternal Preoccupation and Other Foundational Concepts

    2. Attachment and Mentalization

    3. Temperament, Sensory Processing, and Related Concepts

    4. Mutual Regulation and Dyadic Meaning Making

    5. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

    6. How Relationships Change the Brain

    Part II: Clinical Applications of the Infant Mental Health Paradigm

    7. How the Science of Early Childhood Informs the Therapeutic Relationship

    8. Taking a Textured Early Developmental History

    9. Reframing Postpartum Depression

    10. Listening for Multigenerational Loss and Trauma

    11. Treating Sleep Problems in a Developmental-Relational Context

    12. Synthesis: Addressing Problems of Regulation of Behavior, Emotion, and Attention Through an Infant Mental Health Paradigm