ISBN 978-0-393-71174-5

Chris Aiken (Author)James Phelps, MD (Author)

Bipolar, Not So Much

Understanding Your Mood Swings and Depression

Overview | Contents

    Part One: What Type of Depression Do You Have?

    1. Understanding the Mood Spectrum

    2. The Down Side: Depression

    3. The Up Side: From Hypomania to Mania, and Everything In-Between

    4. The Mixed-Up Side: When Mania and Depression Collide

    5. A Little Bipolar? How Much?

    6. About Your Diagnosis

    7. Is It All in the Genes?

    8. The Living Side: Finding Normal

    Part Two: A Healing Lifestyle

    9. Daily Rhythms

    10. Light and Dark

    11. Managing Insomnia

    12. Getting Active

    13. Exercise? How About Just Walking

    14. Diet

    15. Managing Substances

    16. Coming Soon: Bipolar and Technology

    Part Three: Treatment

    17. The Right Stuff: How to Find Good Care

    18. Medications: Our Top Choices

    19. Mood-Lifting Stabilizers: The Full Details

    20. Antidepressants and Other Mood Destabilizers

    21. Medications for Breakthrough Episodes

    22. Anxiety, Concentration, and Sleep: The Other Poles of Bipolar

    23. Natural Healers

    24. Knowing When to Stop Medications

    25. Live Long and Minimize Side Effects

    26. Beyond Medication: Electricity, Magnets, and Depression

    27. Good Therapy

    Part Four: Reclaiming Your Life

    28. Relationships

    29. Work and School

    30. For Friends and Family


    Appendix A: Medication Glossary

    Appendix B: Hypomania in 900 Words

    Appendix C: 150 Things to Try When You're Depressed

    Appendix D: Online Resources

    Appendix E: Further Reading

    Appendix F: Support Groups