ISBN 978-0-393-70926-1

Daniel L. Schwartz (Author)Jessica M. Tsang (Author)Kristen P. Blair (Author)

The ABCs of How We Learn

26 Scientifically Proven Approaches, How They Work, and When to Use Them

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    A is for Analogy | Finding the general principle

    B is for Belonging | Silencing anxiety and buying in

    C is for Contrasting Cases | Discerning critical information

    D is for Deliberate Practice | Becoming an expert

    E is for Elaboration | Making memories meaningful

    F is for Feedback | Supporting self-improvement

    G is for Generation | Building lasting memories

    H is for Hands On | Recruiting the body's intelligence

    I is for Imaginative Play | Developing cognitive control

    J is for Just-in-Time Telling | Making lectures and readings work

    K is for Knowledge | Essay on efficiency and innovation in knowledge

    L is for Listening and Sharing | Learning more together than alone

    M is for Making | Producing interest and practical knowledge

    N is for Norms | Cultivating the rules of the game

    O is for Observation | Imitating feelings and procedures

    P is for Participation | Getting into the game

    Q is for Question Driven | Creating a reason to inquire

    R is for Reward | Motivating behavior

    S is for Self-Explanation | Going beyond the information given

    T is for Teaching | Taking responsibility for others' understanding

    U is for Undoing | Overcoming misconceptions and misplaced reasoning

    V is for Visualization | Inventing structure for complex information

    W is for Worked Examples | Acquiring skills and procedures

    X is for eXcitement | Turning up attention and arousal

    Y is for Yes I Can | Increasing self-efficacy

    Z is for ZZZs | Consolidating the memories of the day

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