ISBN 978-0-393-71072-4

Halko Weiss (Author)Greg Johanson (Author)Lorena Monda (Author)

Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy

A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice

Overview | Contents

    Section I. Introduction

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Case Illustration: "Psychotherapy Beyond Conversation: The Psychodynamic Use of Mindfulness and the Body

    Chapter 2: Characteristics of Hakomi

    Section II. The Essential Method

    Chapter 3: The Essential Method

    Section III. Theory

    Chapter 4: The Central Role of the Body in Hakomi Psychotherapy

    Chapter 5: Hakomi Principles and a Systems Approach to Psychotherapy

    Chapter 6: Assisted Self-Study: Unfolding the Organization of Experience

    Chapter 7: The Role of Core Organizing Beliefs in Hakomi Therapy

    Chapter 8: Hakomi Character Theory

    Section IV. Methodology/Therapeutic Strategy

    Chapter 9: The Therapeutic Relationship in Hakomi Therapy

    Chapter 10: Mindfulness as a Psychotherapeutic Tool

    Chapter 11: The Experimental Attitude in Hakomi Therapy: Curiosity in Action

    Chapter 12: Following and Leading

    Chapter 13: Ethics: Right Use of Power

    Section V. Technique and Intervention

    Chapter 14: The Skills of Tracking and Contact

    Chapter 15: Accessing and Deepening

    Chapter 16: Experiments in Mindfulness

    Chapter 17: Exploring the Barriers: Hakomi Perspectives on Working with Resistance and Defense

    Chapter 18: Child States and Therapeutic Regression

    Chapter 19: Working Through Core Beliefs

    Chapter 20: Transformation

    Chapter 21: The Flow of the Process

    Chapter 22: Jumping out of the System

    Chapter 23: Character-Informed Interventions

    Chapter 24: Mindfulness and Trauma States

    Chapter 25: Strengths and Limitations of the Hakomi Method: Indications and Contraindications for Clients with Significant Clinical Disturbances

    Appendix I. Glossary of Hakomi Terms

    Appendix II. Praxis: Case Illustrations

    Appendix III. Hakomi in Context: The Large Picture in History & Research