ISBN 978-0-393-70666-6

Vladimir Maletic (Author)Charles Raison (Author)

The New Mind-Body Science of Depression

Overview | Contents

    1. Does Major Depression Exist? Or, Why the Diagnostic Rule Book is (Mostly) Wrong

    2. Building a New Phenomenology of Depression Where Genes and the Environment Meet

    3. Environmental Adversity, Loss of Evolutionary Fitness, and the Development of MDD

    4. The Genetics of Major Depressive Disorder

    5. Depression and the Brain-Body Dance: Roles of Neuroendocrine, Autonomic, and Immune Pathways

    6. The Immune System: Relationships with the Stress System and Major Depression

    7. Neuroplastic, Inflammatory, and Cellular Changes in Depression

    8. Functional and Structural Brain Changes in Depression

    9. Changes in Neurotransmission and Subcellular Function in Depression, or, The Secret of the Shogun's Box

    10. Pathogen Host Defense in the Evolution of Depression and Its Risk Genes

    11. The Case of Mary

    12. The Case of Anna

    13. The Case of Thomas