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The Little Seagull Handbook


    *new to the 2e

    How to Use This Book


    W-1 Writing Contexts
    *W-2 Writing in Academic Contexts
    W-3 Writing Processes
    W-4 Developing Paragraphs
    W-5 Designing What You Write
    *W-6 Giving Presentations
    Kinds of Writing
    W-7 Arguments
    W-8 Textual Analyses
    W-9 Reports
    W-10 Personal Narratives
    W-11 Literary Analyses
    W-12 Annotated Bibliographies
    W-13 Abstracts
    Ways of Reading
    W-14 Reading Strategies


    R-1 Doing Research
    R-2 Evaluating Sources
    R-3 Synthesizing Ideas
    R-4 Integrating Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism
    MLA MLA Style
    APA APA Style
    CMS Chicago Style
    CSE CSE Style


    S-1 Complete Sentences
    S-2 Sentence Fragments
    S-3 Comma Splices, Fused Sentences
    S-4 Verbs
    S-5 Subject-Verb Agreement
    S-6 Pronouns
    S-7 Parallelism
    S-8 Coordination, Subordination
    S-9 Shifts
    L-1 Appropriate Words
    L-2 Precise Words
    *L-3 Idioms
    L-4 Words Often Confused
    *L-5 Prepositions
    L-6 Unnecessary Words
    L-7 Adjectives and Adverbs
    L-8 Articles
    L-9 Words That Build Common Ground
    *L-10 Englishes
    Punctuation / Mechanics
    P-1 Commas
    P-2 Semicolons
    P-3 End Punctuation
    P-4 Quotation Marks
    P-5 Apostrophes
    P-6 Other Punctuation
    P-7 Hyphens
    P-8 Capitalization
    P-9 Italics
    P-10 Abbreviations
    P-11 Numbers

    Glossary/ Index
    Documentation Directories